Brazil Infrastructure: Rethinking BNDES

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Michel Temer’s administration has ambitious plans to slash government participation in funding infrastructure. Critics are unsure of the power of private investors to fil...

Is Pemex's turnaround moving fast enough?

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Pemex is embracing efficiencies in the face of declining revenues and Mexico's government hopes tough love will help the company raise cash

MEXICO MARKETS: Forging a new path

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Pemex was touted as the trailblazer for a new financing vehicle, but toll road concessionaire Pinfra stole headlines in August when it announced plans for Mexico’s first ...

Colombia’s peace deal could be a boost for one part of the economy

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"Right now is the time to be doing due diligence," says a Bogota-based consultant.

Brazil Alternatives: Proving their worth

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Using math to drive steady returns, quantitative hedge funds are gaining popularity in Brazil

COVER STORY: Ready to snap

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With the heady days of frenetic borrowing now a distant memory, Latin American companies are finding their debt is quickly becoming a chain blocking their path forward. A...

COVER STORY: A new direction for investment banking

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As Latin America’s capital markets issuers grappled with an increasingly cool reception from international buyers, investment banking revenues nosedived in 2015. Now, int...