Monetizing sewage could help Brazil come clean

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Four years after the ignominy of holding Olympic events in the polluted waters of Guanabara Bay, Brazil still struggles with a lack of infrastructure to bring clean water...

Panama's shifting trade winds

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COVID-19 has changed the face of global trade. Panama – the hub of the Americas – will need to invest and adapt if it is to thrive

How will Latin America's debt financing look after COVID-19?

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Adjustments in the wake of the pandemic will need to be gradual and most countries in the region will require more access to low-cost financing

Pension plan no panacea in Chile

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The fallout from the pandemic and huge withdrawals from Chile’s pensions fund have kept corporate issuers on their toes

Argentina and Ecuador's debt: Questions far from over

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Debt relief in the midst of a pandemic came as welcomed news to Latin America’s serial defaulters. Even if the pandemic clears, questions linger on their financial outloo...

FEATURE: Clearing Brazil's muddy waters

Project & Infrastructure Finance Loans Economy & Policy

New sanitation law to clean up dirty waters is making a splash

Clearing Brazil's muddy waters

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Capital Markets Debt

New sanitation law to clean up dirty waters making a splash

Profiles of three state-owned companies in Brazil attracting investor interest

Capital Markets Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Equity

BR Mania, Correios, Eletrobras could be among successful privatizations

Executives express concern about Mexico's economy, investment climate

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

Participants in LatinFinance Roundtable are cautious about the future

Colombia to change rules governing renewable energy auctions

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

Auction suffered a setback in February when it failed to attract enough buyers

Brazil's debenture market gains popularity

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

Lower interest rates, better terms attract corporate issuers and investors

Brazil gears up for privatizations

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Economy & Policy Equity

Potential investors eye a number of state-owned enterprises

Panama continues to expand economic ties with China

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Country's location, canal, banking sector are appealing as Beijing pursues Belt and Road Initiative

Costa Rican finance minister addresses fiscal reform

Debt Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Capital Markets

Rocío Aguilar discusses the challenges of economic reform in interview with LatinFinance

Further fiscal reform urged for Costa Rica

Debt Capital Markets Economy & Policy

Many warn more measures are needed to reduce the government’s heavy debt load