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Vista lowers rates on latest bond deal

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Demand runs high for four-year notes as investors look for opportunities while the sovereign restructures billions of dollars in debt

IMF calls Argentine debt "unsustainable"

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Mission suggests creditors accept a haircut so the country can return to paying its debts

Mexico presents SDG bonds to European investors

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Sovereign issuer hires BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole and Natixis to arrange a deal after an upcoming roadshow

Argentina's creditors brace for tough restructuring talks

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Economy minister says bondholders could be frustrated by the government's offer, while analyst say lax fiscal targets suggest a haircut is in store

Argentine debt crisis hits corporate borrowers

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Sovereign's decision to postpone local bond payment pushes up borrowing costs, but companies are still finding plenty of demand

Argentina postpones local bond payment

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Government appears to take a harder stance with bondholders as it prepares to start restructuring its external debt

Banorte completes fourth Swiss franc-denominated bond deal

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Mexican lender increases size of issue to $230 mln on high demand

UPDATED: Rede D'Or taps on 10-year notes

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Brazilian private healthcare company adds $350 mln to notes issued less than a month ago

Femsa reopens recent 30-year issue

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Mexican beverage and retail group adds $300 mln to its 2050 notes at a higher spread

Vicentín files for bankruptcy

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Argentine agribusiness seeks protection to restructure $1.3 bln in debt

TransJamaican Highway prints cross-border bonds

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State-owned toll road concession raises $225 mln to pay off debt as it prepares for an IPO

Argentina gets legislative approval for restructuring

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Law is the first step in expected "game of chicken" with holders of foreign-law bonds

Latin American bond sales surge in January

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Issuers front-load for the year as uncertainty around US elections and low rates help fuel refinancing boom

Buenos Aires province dips into reserves to avoid default

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Argentina's largest province now prepares an offer to restructure its foreign-currency debt, following the federal government

Buenos Aires province sweetens offer for late payments

Asset Management Bonds Debt

Argentine province struggles to reach 75% acceptance from creditors, putting it at risk of default