Where will banking be done in 2049?

Mobile phone50.0 %
Smart glasses50.0 %
Smart watch0.0 %

What will be the next market to mainstream blockchain technology?

Bond market pricing5.6 %
Commodities trading22.2 %
Clearing and settlements72.2 %

How much does electoral cycle instability affect your investment decision?

A lot48.0 %
A little28.0 %
Not at all24.0 %

Which green bond would you invest in?

To build wind and solar farms53.3 %
To develop carbon capture technology6.7 %
To build smart infrastructure40.0 %

What will drive capital markets activity in 2018?

Acquisition-related financing30.6 %
Liability management exercises28.1 %
Positive market conditions41.3 %

Where will capital markets be busiest in 2017?

Mexico60.0 %
Brazil20.0 %
Andes20.0 %