Copyright Policy

Our copyrights are vital to LatinFinance’s business. We depend on subscriptions revenues. However, infringement of copyright in digital products is easy to commit and hard to detect, and, despite clear and frequent warnings alerting subscribers to their obligations, copyright infringement takes place. We therefore take a firm position against any infringement of our copyrights. This is doubly so for instances of habitual, systematic, or repeated infringement.

LatinFinance grants authorized users a very limited license to make copies through Clause 3 of its Terms and Conditions. LatinFinance reserves all other rights in its copyrighted materials, and any other distribution or copying, including but not limited to sharing, copying, forwarding, or posting without additional prior written consent from LatinFinance is not authorized and is a violation of copyright laws, including 17 USC 101 et seq.

Much of our copyrighted material is password protected. Your user name and password must not be shared, even within your company. Please understand that unauthorized sharing of such password infringes LatinFinance’s right of distribution and unauthorized use creates infringing copies on the user’s computer system.

LatinFinance registers its copyrights with the Library of Congress and undertakes other steps to ensure they benefit from the full protection of U.S. copyright law, notably the statutory damages remedy. The premise of this remedy is that, because infringement of copyright in digital products is easy to commit and hard to detect, infringers who are caught must pay sufficient damages to provide a clear incentive for them and others to obey the law. If, as is the case with LatinFinance, copyrights are properly registered and fair warnings are given, a dispute can be taken to a jury. That jury will have broad discretion to award up to $150,000 for each issue that is infringed.

As a matter of policy all instances of continual or repeated infringement are referred to counsel and pursued with the intention of creating a deterrent to copyright infringement. We have in recent years reached settlements with major global banks and with a private equity firm in all cases for seven figure sums.

LatinFinance may attach tracking software to issues of its newsletters, emails and web-pages to monitor a recipient's compliance with any existing subscription agreement and with copyright laws. This software will, for example, report to LatinFinance when the email is opened, if it is forwarded to another device or printed. By opening our emails or visiting our website, users acknowledge and agree to abide by copyright laws and further acknowledge the existence of and consent to LatinFinance's use of tracking software. If you are unwilling to consent you must click here to notify us by email.

We encourage you to ensure that you respect the limitations of any subscription you might have. If you need to circulate our content to a larger group, cost-effective group licenses are available and we’d be delighted to discuss these with you