Q1: The COVID Rebuild

LatinFinance’s latest magazine brings forward stories about rebuilding and retooling for a new post-COVID world, even as the old one still has us in its grip. We look closely at how companies have retooled their balance sheets and revved up their financial engines. At the same time the official sector still has an unresolved sovereign debt time bomb on its hands. Stories on social finance and political choices, as well as outlooks on the markets and our latest LF Connect podcast await you.

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Editor's letter

The COVID rebuild

Q2.2021 outlook: Debt

Debt Interviews

Interview with Reggie de Villiers, Head of Latin America Debt Origination and Structured DCM at UBS

Q2.2021 outlook: Equity

Equity Interviews

Interview with Facundo Vázquez, Head of Latin America ECM at Goldman Sachs

Q2.2021 outlook: M&A

Interview with Felipe Argemi, Founder of Santis, M&A Boutique Advisory Firm

Q2.2021 outlook: Loans

Interview with Helena Radzyminski, Managing Director, Head of Latin America, Natixis

Corporates rebuild from the lockdown  

The pandemic pushed many companies to restructure their debts, even their businesses, as sales declined. Surprisingly, most were successful.

Tackling the developing world's COVID-19 distress

The International Monetary Fund's recent approval to increase the size of its Special Drawing Rights gives the international lender of last resort additional resources to...

Political retooling

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously undermined incumbent governments and boosted Latin America’s political left to its strongest point since the ‘pink wave’ of socialist ...

Social housing: The new frontier in Latin America's capital markets

Initiatives by public and private entities indicate how investors can help the region tackle poor living conditions faced by millions.

Brazil's travel companies spot opportunity in uncertainty

Will the latest outbreak of the virus undermine their budding attempts to return to growth?

PODCAST: Timing is everything  

BNP Paribas’ Florence Pourchet talks about the economic and market conditions in the region, renewable energy investing and the post-COVID climate

Finance Minster of the Year: Ignacio Briones of Chile

Analysts and economists credit Briones with helping Chile pull out of a slump with little fiscal damage and continued demand for its bonds

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