2019 Project & Infrastructure Finance Awards

LatinFinance's annual recognition of the year's standout transactions in project finance and infrastructure

Central Bank Governor of the Year: Alejandro Díaz de León  

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Economists and observers say the governor of Banco de México was the most effective of central bankers in managing monetary policy

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ESG slowly gains traction among investors

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As companies try to respond, they struggle to identify strategies and methods to measure success

How to gauge ESG returns

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Investors develop elaborate tools to identify the most socially responsible companies and avoid the ones that aren’t

Companies embrace an ESG strategy

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IDB and IDB Invest publish asustainability index of 100 publicly-traded companies that do business in Latin America and the Caribbean and abide by ESG principles. Here ar...

Striving for diversity

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Goldman Sachs’ Maria Silvia Bastos Marques, who heads the committee that runs the Brazil operations, says greater inclusivity in top management helps the bottom line

Investors chase distressed debt

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As the market matures and grows, asset managers are pursuing varied strategies and specializing in different categories of corporate andconsumer debt

Chile seeks new export markets

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The Andean country is exploring new exports as the US-China trade war deepens and the Chinese economy slows

The lithium rush

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Bolivia is home to the world’s second largest lithium resources but skeptics question the government’s approach

Innovation in trade finance

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Technology and new tools are quickly reshaping how trade finance transactions are carried out

Q&A: Banco Inter President João Vitor Menin

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Banco Inter’s president is upbeat about the future as he taps Brazil’s vast unbanked and under-banked market

Brazil turns to carbon credits

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Though the Bolsonaro administration has come under criticism for its perceived indifference to climate change, Brazil is about to launch a marketplace for carbon credit c...

Colombian renewables

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Colombia made some changes to its renewables auction program after the first round failed. They don’t go as far as developers would like. But how power buyers respond wil...

Viewpoint: What to watch

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From Ecuador’s renewable energy projects to Chile’s deeper green commitment to new investments in Argentina’s fintech start-ups, recent developments underscore trends in ...

Market talk: Q3.2019

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Despite initial concerns about a slowdown in the second-half, capital markets participants now express some optimism for the third quarter. Activity in Mexico seen as a k...

Insight: Colony Capital

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The Los Angeles-based firm sees opportunities in Mexico despite uncertainty among Mexican business leaders over President Andrés Manuel López Obrador