November / December 2018

The fintech revolution: Will 2019 be a tipping point? · Feeding the world's growing population · Fresh capital for Chilean salmon producers · Addressing gender inequality · 2018 Banks of the Year

Here come the bots  


Banks and fintech startups are racing to win a commanding lead in technological innovation in Latin America. And 2019 could be a tipping point.

The race for food


To feed the world’s growing population, Argentina could play a bigger role. But that will require investing billions of dollars in a troubled economy.

The Norway fix


Cross-listing on the Oslo stock exchange could allow Chilean salmon producers to raise fresh capital as the industry recovers from a decade of strife.

Breaking the glass ceiling  


Luiza Trajano turned Magazine Luiza from a small giftshop into one of the 10 largest retailers in Brazil. Now, she is using her influence to place more women on company b...

A long road ahead


Barbados is preparing for a painful journey back to fiscal health with help from the IMF, but international bondholders don’t know how they fit in the Caribbean island’s ...

New beginnings

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Trinidad & Tobago’s Petrotrin has $850 million in bond debt maturing next August and the holders remain unclear over the repayment of the notes.

Not quite ready

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From its poor infrastructure to its inadequate financial sector, Guyana has much to fix before it’s ready to benefit from the massive oil discovery off its shores.

Wanted: Investors

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Brazilian pension funds could invest upwards of 100 billion reais in the nation’s ailing infrastructure—provided the conditions are just right.

Breaking down walls

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The four-member nations of the Pacific Alliance are not only looking to further integrate their economies, but also establish closer ties to other Pacific countries, says...

Banks of the Year 2018  

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

Leading banks in Latin America and the Caribbean pursued growth and deepened their digital transformation as the region emerged from an economic slowdown

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Scotiabank  

This year’s winner doubled down on its long-term regional strategy with new acquisitions in the Andes and the Caribbean

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Argentina: Banco Galicia  

Capital Markets Argentina Economy & Policy

Banco Galicia has remained profitable despite Argentina’s economic turbulence and is on the lookout for opportunities in 2019

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Bolivia: Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz  

By building its loan portfolio and enhancing digital offerings, the Bolivian bank continues to strengthen its position as the country’s largest financial institution

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Brazil: Bradesco  

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Economy & Policy Brazil

In a time of economic and political turmoil, Brazil’s banking sector has managed to post solid earnings growth. A priority for this year’s winner: rebuilding its loan por...

Investment Bank of the Year 2018 -- Brazil: Itaú BBA  

The investment bank remains at the forefront of all asset classes in Brazil, leading equity deals, project finance and the local currency bond market

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Central America, Nicaragua: BAC Credomatic  

Capital Markets Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

BAC is finding success targeting millennials throughout Central America with its banking app

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Chile: Santander Chile  

A diverse portfolio, sustained income growth and a robust digital presence keep the bank at the top of its game

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Chile: Banchile Citi

When financial markets welcomed a new Chilean president last year, this institution leveraged investor demand to complete large transactions across multiple disciplines

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Colombia: Bancolombia  

Faced with a spate of past-due loans, the winner of this year’s award still expanded its credit portfolio and reduced risks

Investment Bank of the Year 2018 -- Colombia: BTG Pactual  

The investment bank proved it could play among the country’s larger financial institutions when it secured mandates for several well-received transactions

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Costa Rica: Banco Popular  

Despite a decline in the country’s banking sector, the winner introduced eco-financing and new customer apps

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Dominican Republic: Banco Popular  

Loans to the all-important tourism industry serve as a strong foundation for consumer and commercial business for this year’s winner

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Ecuador: Banco Pichincha  

As external events intervene, the nation’s largest bank maintains a steady course

Bank of the Year 2018 -- El Salvador: Banco Agrícola  

A penchant for environmentally sustainable loans and a strong credit portfolio earned the bank market share as well as respect

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Guatemala: Banco Industrial  

Careful lending practices and consumer-friendly technology laid a blueprint for the bank to pursue growth amid uncertainty

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Honduras: Ficohsa  

One of the country’s leading banks is investing in mobile access as it steps up efforts to reach underbanked customers

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Jamaica: NCB  

Strong business growth and digital progress made this bank a winner

Bank of the Year, Investment Bank of the Year 2018 -- Mexico: BBVA Bancomer  

Mandates across the bond, equity and lending markets ensured it remained at the forefront of Mexico’s investment banking sector

Multilateral Bank of the Year 2018: IDB Invest  

The lender is focusing on social and local issues

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Panama: Banco General  

The bank recognizes the benefits of adopting specialized services

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Paraguay: Itaú Paraguay  

Retail banking in a strong economy provides a robust formula for this winner

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Peru: Banco de Crédito del Perú  

The country’s largest financial institution maintains its leadership position and margins as the banking field becomes more inclusive

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Trinidad and Tobago: Republic Bank  

Acquisitions have contributed profits as the bank becomes a major player in the Caribbean

Bank of the Year 2018 -- Uruguay: Santander Uruguay  

Santander snags this year’s award by supporting small businesses with loans and education