March / April 2018

Latin American elections - Brazil bans cryptocurrencies - Mexican campaign advisors talk economic policy - Argentina courts infrastructure investors Plus: Finance Ministry Scorecard

Elections spread uncertainty across Latin America  

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Populist politics are reaching a fever pitch in the run-up to elections in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. But despite the fiery rhetoric of the campaign trail, market force...

Brazil bears down on cryptocurrencies  

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Brazil is shutting down brokers’ bank accounts and barring investment funds from buying bitcoin. Now a fight over the future of cryptocurrencies has broken out in Latin A...

LatinFinance hosts 2018 Capital Markets Roundtable  

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In our 2018 Latin America Capital Markets Roundtable, some of Latin America’s most impressive issuers discussed their strategies for the year.

Finance Ministry Scorecard 2018  

Capital Markets Economy & Policy Special Reports

In LatinFinance’s annual survey of finance ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico edges out other countries by keeping a lid on inflation and strengthening...

Chile looks to lift investments

Economy & Policy Features Chile

Rising copper prices and the arrival of a new pro-business administration are lifting hopes of a sharp recovery in investment in Chile. By Tom Azzopardi

Colombian banks bounce back

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After a couple of tough years, Colombia’s banking sector expects to return to higher rates of growth in 2018, although it knows it is unlikely to match results from the f...

Latin American banks hone socially responsible lending policies  

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Latin America’s banks are stepping up to address environmental issues and other social matters in their lending policies. But financiers and investors say long-term profi...

Green bonds play catch-up in Latin America

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Green bond advocates want companies to engage more with environmentally conscious investors. But are issuers willing to go that extra mile to ensure growth of sustainable...

Mexican advisors discuss economic policy before elections  

Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Interviews

As Mexico’s presidential race heats up, economic advisors for the three leading candidates discuss their campaign’s economic visions during LatinFinance’s 13th Cumbre Fin...

Argentina courts infra investors  

Bonds Debt Economy & Policy

Argentina wants to attract international investors with a massive PPP program. Developers and banks say they are interested, but the jury is still out whether the country...

Caribbean economies get their books in order

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With commodity prices stabilizing and tourism numbers expected to increase, prospects for growth in the Caribbean are rising, but concerns about the fiscal side linger on...

DR deepens local markets

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Encouraged by a strong economy and the increasingly open capital markets, international investors are taking another look at the Dominican Republic.

Mexican issuers brace for uncertainty

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So far this year, Mexican bond issuers have run the gamut from the sovereign to a cash-strapped steelmaker. But as the July elections approach, the field is dwindling. By...

Where sovereigns lead, corporates follow

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Sovereign issuers are increasingly tapping global capital markets through local currency bonds. Corporate issuers are likely not far behind.

Parting Shot: Gerardo Ruiz Esparza

Project & Infrastructure Finance Mexico

Finding creative and innovative ways to attract private capital has been key to upgrading Mexico’s infrastructure, says Gerardo Ruiz Esparza