September / October 2016

The next hot pick: Investors anticipate a turning point in Latin American markets. Also, LatinFinance interviews PPK, Temer shakes up BNDES, Colombia's Santos writes about the economics of peace, a special report on Chinese investments in Latin America and the 2016 Project & Infrastructure Financing Awards.

Brazil Infrastructure: Rethinking BNDES

Brazil Features

Michel Temer’s administration has ambitious plans to slash government participation in funding infrastructure. Critics are unsure of the power of private investors to fil...

NEWS EQUITY/M&A: Shifting gears

Equity M&A

Brazilian corporates see increasing investor interest and Citi moves ahead with the sale of its consumer banking units in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia

SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER 2016 FRONT NOTES: The hunt for yield


AWARDS: Best infrastructure Bank: Mexico.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Bank: Latin America.

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Bank: Brazil.

AWARDS: Best Sponsor.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Bank: Andes.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Law Firm: Andes

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Law Firm: Brazil.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Law Firm: Latin America.

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Law Firm: Mexico.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Financing: Andes, Best Road Financing.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Financing: Brazil.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Financing: Caribbean.

AWARDS: Best Infrastructure Financing: Central America.

AWARDS: Best Local Currency Financing.

AWARDS: Best Oil & Gas Financing.

AWARDS: Best Port Financing.

AWARDS: Best Power Financing.

AWARDS: Best Renewable Energy Financing.

AWARDS: Best Transport Financing, Best Bond.

AWARDS: Best Airport Financing, Best Infrastructure Financing: Mexico, Best Loan.


Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Project & Infrastructure Finance

Borrowers, bankers, sponsors and lenders have pushed the boundaries once again to develop innovative financing packages for Latin American infrastructure

Peru's Pedro Pablo Kuczynksi: A president at ease

Peru Interviews

The LatinFinance crew arrives two hours early for our interview with Peru’s new president. Camera positions need discussing, lights need setting up, audio needs testing. ...

PPK: Busy agenda

Peru Economy & Policy

Peru’s new president has pledged to grow the country’s economy to among the best in the region. First he has to tame the deficit and convince the opposition to accept low...

Interview: Andrew Claerhout on buying carefully

Project & Infrastructure Finance Interviews

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, one of Canada’s largest pension investment funds, is eyeing more infrastructure deals in Latin America after making its first Mexican ...

NEWS PEOPLE: Invepar names new CEO

Brazil People

Brazil’s Gol and Invepar name new executives, while investment bankers move to asset management firms BlackRock and Noctua


Peru Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The mining industry, the engine of Peru’s economic growth for more than a decade, is at a difficult crossroads. A new president vows to make the industry shine again

Is Pemex's turnaround moving fast enough?

Mexico Bonds Features

Pemex is embracing efficiencies in the face of declining revenues and Mexico's government hopes tough love will help the company raise cash

Parting Shot: Domestic motor

Bolivia Comment & Opinion

A strategy of fostering local demand has put Bolivia on course for another year of strong growth, says Luis Alberto Arce

Interview: Banobras' Abraham Zamora and innovating for growth

Mexico Interviews

Development bank Banobras is preparing project guarantees and other mechanisms to attract investors to Mexico’s infrastructure projects

MEXICO MARKETS: Forging a new path

Mexico Features

Pemex was touted as the trailblazer for a new financing vehicle, but toll road concessionaire Pinfra stole headlines in August when it announced plans for Mexico’s first ...


Project & Infrastructure Finance

Investors are keen to allocate cash to Latin American infrastructure, but will need to see more bankable projects. By René Lavanchy

NEWS LOANS: 4G faces test

Loans Colombia

Colombian toll road concessions remain in the spotlight, but they could test the market’s financing limits in the months ahead

NEWS BONDS: Timing it right


Sovereigns and debut issuers may hit up the bond markets in September and October if strong conditions remain

Colombia’s peace deal could be a boost for one part of the economy

Colombia Features

"Right now is the time to be doing due diligence," says a Bogota-based consultant.



Has a wave of financings for the first round of Colombia’s 4G roads program put to rest doubts about whether future rounds will be bankable? By Tom Nelthorpe

LATAM-CHINA OUTLOOK: A dynamic relationship


As China’s economy shifts focus, its role in Latin America’s growth is evolving. Now the region must change its exports and interactions to take advantage

Interview: Minas Buenaventura CEO Roque Benavides on China’s metals appetite

Project & Infrastructure Finance Interviews China

China’s vast infrastructure requirements are set to continue stoking demand from Latin America’s miners, says the chief executive of Minas Buenaventura

CHINA LOANS: Old flame

Loans Economy & Policy China

China’s policy lenders have been key to projecting the country’s economic influence in Latin America even as it pursues a renewed strategic focus on Asia. By Tom Nelthorp...

CHINA FDI: Buy and hold

Project & Infrastructure Finance China

Brazilian infrastructure is ready to snag the region’s biggest Chinese investments to date. Colombia, Peru and even Mexico are poised to do okay as well. By Ivan Castano

The new hot pick?


Investors are beginning to embrace Latin America again, anticipating a turning point in the region's economies and financial markets


Economy & Policy Peru

Careful signaling to markets and consumers by Peru’s Julio Velarde helped keep inflation in check. By Robert Kozak

Brazil Alternatives: Proving their worth

Bonds Features Brazil

Using math to drive steady returns, quantitative hedge funds are gaining popularity in Brazil

Will infrastructure investments revive Argentina's economy?

Argentina In Depth

Investors are taking a fresh view on infrastructure financing opportunities in Argentina, and the government has all capital raising options on the table