November / December 2016

Changing seasons: How Itaú is preparing for new management, new competitors and a new economy. Plus, Brazil's fintechs flourish, Bolivia's microfinance leads the way, Colombia's investment grade commitment, betting on Venezuela's bonds and the 2016 Banks of the Year Awards.

People news: UBS makes LatAm push

People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Bonds

Swiss bank raids competitors to build up regional capital markets footprint.

Felaban's Giorgio Trettenero on banking regulation and technology

Bonds Interviews

Latin America’s financial institutions have weathered the tough economic times well. Global regulations and rapidly evolving technology will keep them focused in the year...

Microcredit: Blazing a path

Bonds Loans Bolivia

For years, Bolivia has pushed to make microfinance a part of the country’s financial mainstream. Now, several Latin American nations are trying to follow in its footsteps...

Payments: Gaining clarity

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Swift, the global financial messenger, is hoping to inject a much-demanded dose of transparency into the cross-border payments system.

Front notes: Bumpy path

Bonds Colombia

Roads between Colombia’s major cities are notoriously difficult to traverse: narrow, winding thoroughfares that make a journey far longer than it should be. The 4G highwa...

COVER STORY: Seasonal Shift

Bonds Brazil Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

As Latin America’s biggest bank by market value prepares for a leadership transition, the operating environment is rapidly evolving with new competitors, a new political ...

Jane Fraser: Metamorphosis

Bonds Structured Finance US

Citi is refining its focus as it rebalances its business in Latin America.

Bonds news: Wrapping up


Debt capital markets are expected to maintain pace for another few weeks, but may shut up shop for the year early.

Banks of the Year 2016

Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Leading financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean have successfully negotiated a tricky economic background and now have their sights set on the digital r...

Equity/M&A news: Mexico, Brazil take off

M&A Equity

After a long wait, some of the region’s largest equity and M&A trades have finally arrived.

Parting Shot: Pushing forward

Colombia Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Despite losing the referendum on its peace agreement, Colombia’s government maintains the political capital to undertake necessary reforms, argues Mauricio Cárdenas

Venture capital: Fueling growth

Chile Funds Features

An incubator for entrepreneurial ventures is part of a Chilean government drive to make it easier to do business. Already it’s finding success.

Venezuela: Walking away

Venezuela Bonds Funds

Multinational companies are increasingly looking to sell their Venezuelan operations to local players as the government struggles with its economy and debt load. By Rober...

Fintech: Gaining traction

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Hundreds of Brazilian startups are snapping at the heels of the country’s biggest banks, but a top-heavy market, complicated regulations and a lack of funding pose hurdle...

Loans news: A fresh push


Bankers hope a new pipeline financing for Mexican borrower Fermaca will reinvigorate the market, as infrastructure developers appear to favor mini-perms.

AWARDS: Investment Bank of the Year Mexico

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Mexico

Despite currency volatility and uncertainty over monetary policy and US elections, this bank has carved out some landmark transactions

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Trinidad & Tobago

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Trinidad & Tobago

The lender kept profits and lending strong despite a tough period for the local economy

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Uruguay

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Uruguay

The undisputed market leader in Uruguay has posted another strong year

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Venezuela

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Venezuela

In a highly challenging market for financial institutions, this year’s winner stands out for controlling costs and advancing digitally

AWARDS: Investment Bank of the Year Chile

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Chile

Despite losing key executives this year, Banchile-Citi remains a leader in debt and equity capital markets transactions in Chile

AWARDS: Investment Bank of the Year Colombia

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Colombia

This bank leveraged its capabilities across markets to lead important capital raising exercises for local companies

AWARDS: Multilateral Development Bank of the Year

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The regional lender leveraged its investment grade status to raise debt in multiple currencies, while increasing its loan portfolio

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Mexico

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Mexico

Amid a difficult year, this year’s winner diversified its revenue sources, posted improved numbers and rolled out new options for its customers

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Nicaragua

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Capitalizing on sustained growth in the local economy, Lafise Bancentro has lifted profitability

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Peru

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Peru

Few banks in Peru rode the country’s heady growth in recent years like this one

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Costa Rica & Bank of the Year Panama

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Costa Rica Panama

This year’s winner shone above its peers in Panama and grew its loan portfolio in Costa Rica

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Ecuador

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Ecuador

The Ecuadorian lender has bounced back from a lending dip in 2015

AWARDS: Bank of the Year El Salvador

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy El Salvador

In a down year, Banco Agrícola has managed to limit its losses and remain at the top of El Salvador’s banking sector

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Guatemala

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Guatemala

The lender managed political turbulence and continues to set its sights on a US initial public offering

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Jamaica

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Jamaica

The Jamaican financial institution is expanding in regional capital markets and insurance

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Argentina

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Argentina

Investors have flocked to the lender’s shares as it maintained an extended run of profit growth while the political backdrop shifted course

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Bolivia

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Bolivia

Amid a tough regulatory environment, the institution has grown profits and assets

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Caribbean & Bank of the Year Dominican Republic

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Dominican Republic

A shift in emphasis has started to pay dividends, as BanReservas fortifies its capital base and focuses on lending to the private sector

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Central America & Bank of the Year Honduras

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Central America Honduras

Ficohsa has consolidated its position as the top bank in Honduras as it continues to expand across the rest of Central America

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Chile

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Chile

With a solid funding base and steady lending growth, Santander Chile is prepared to keep growing despite tighter regulations

AWARDS: Bank of the Year Colombia

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Colombia

The oldest financial institution in Colombia has outshone peers despite a tough political and economic backdrop