January / February 2013

Front Notes: Buyer beware

Mexico: The hope of a nation

Mexico Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The government of Enrique Peña Nieto has staked its political future on a big bet that it can push through radical economic reforms. Without quick successes, its gamble c...

Mexico's Luis Videgaray: The interview in full

Mexico Economy & Policy

In his first interview with the foreign or local print media after taking office in December, Mexico’s new finance minister Luis Videgaray says he is confident political ...

Mexico corporate debt: The Big Sell

Mexico Bonds

América Móvil has added yet another capital markets first. Its CFO explains the creation of a new global-local security sold domestically and abroad — without the need fo...

Argentina sovereign debt: A question of justice

Argentina Bonds

The specter of default once again hangs over Argentina. While the implications could prove far-reaching for sovereign debt restructurings, hopes are high for an orderly r...

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Best Quasi- Sovereign Bond

Brazil Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Petrobras $7bn 2015, 2017, 2021, 2041

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Corporate High-Grade Bond

Mexico Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Mexichem $1.15bn 2022, 2042

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Corporate High-Yield Bond

Peru Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Coazucar $325m 2022

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Corporate Issuer, Local Currency Financing, Trade Financing

Mexico Bonds Structured Finance

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Corporate Liability Management

Mexico Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Cemex $7bn Debt Exchange

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Cross-Border M&A Deal

Chile Colombia Mexico

Grupo Sura / ING

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Domestic M&A Deal

Colombia M&A Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Telefónica Moviles Colombia / Colombia Telecomunicaciones

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Equity Follow-On

Brazil Equity Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Taesa BRL1.76bn Follow-On

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Financing Innovation

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Banco do Brasil $1bn Hybrid Tier I Perpetual Bond

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Initial Public Offering

Mexico Equity Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Santander Mexico $4.1bn IPO

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Private Equity Deal

Brazil Middle East M&A

Mubadala / EBX

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Project/Infrastructure Financing

Peru Bonds Project & Infrastructure Finance

Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos Paita $110m 2037 Bond

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Sovereign Issuer/Sovereign Bond

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Sovereign Liability Management

Bonds Uruguay Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Republic of Uruguay UYP39.8bn New Issue, Tender & Exchange

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Structured Financing

Panama Bonds Structured Finance

Global Bank $200m 4.750% 2017 Covered Bond

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Syndicated Loan

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Ternium $700m 5-year Loan

DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Bond House

Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy


DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Equity House

Equity Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Investment Bank & Best M&A House

M&A Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy


DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Law Firm: Brazil

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Brazil

Mattos Filho

DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Law Firm: Latin America

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Cleary Gottlieb

DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Law Firm: Mexico

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Mexico

Ritch Mueller

DEALS OF THE YEAR: Best Loan House

Loans Corporate & Sovereign Strategy


DEALS OF THE YEAR: Up in the world

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Global volatility did little to disturb the upward momentum of Latin capital markets in 2012. As our Deals of the Year Awards show, their importance and appeal have never...

Debt: Setting the pace

Equity: New year’s revolution


Infrastructure Finance: Hope eternal

Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Latin governments are scrambling to plug the region’s infrastructure gap as years of under-investment come back to bite

Infrastructure Investment: Into the void

Loans Project & Infrastructure Finance

Traditional sources of funding may have retreated, but a range of new capital providers is rapidly taking their place for financing infrastructure

LatinFinance Deals of the Year 2012

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The best transactions, banks and law firms in 27 categories.

M&A: Branching out

Money laundering: The turn of the screw

Bonds Structured Finance Mexico

Banks are scrambling to tighten controls as US agencies step up their efforts against money laundering. The knock-on effects of new legislation could have a profound impa...

Parting Shot: A vision of reform

Mexico Economy & Policy

Mexico has a rare opportunity to transform its economy – and now is the time to seize it, says its finance minister Luis Videgaray

People: Asia for Aguzín


Peru: All night long

Peru Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Peru’s prospects have never looked so good. But much work is needed if the economy is to maintain its recent momentum

Peru: Keeping the pace

People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Peru

Interview with Peruvian finance minister Luis Miguel Castilla