May / June 2011

Agnelli Ousted

Bottoms Up

Brazil Colombia Peru

New market entrants could have stymied SABMiller’s plans for Peru. Instead, a rising tide is lifting all boats as competition and GDP growth is expanding the beer market.

Brazilians Still Lead the Way

Argentina Brazil Colombia

Brazil continues to set the standard for corporate governance and sustainability. With more money going to sustainable funds, companies are increasing their reporting.

Corporate Flow

Energy to the Rescue

Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago Bonds

Trinidad & Tobago could see its budget deficit shrink thanks to rising oil and gas prices. International investors are likely to welcome the twin-island nation with open ...

Evolving Growth Play

Brazil Equity M&A

As Brazil’s middle-income segment continues to grow, a straightforward equities buy has become trickier stock-picking terrain. Inflation and government policy are the big...

Giants in the Playhouse

Panama Central America Costa Rica

Three major telecom companies are slugging it out in Central America. With growth starting to plateau, the player with the best technology may prove the winner.

Healthy Targets

Peru Ecuador Bolivia

M&A activity in Peru’s healthcare industry is heating up. The expansion of state-sponsored healthcare insurance will be a major factor contributing to the sector’s growth...

In the Line of Fire

Mexico Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Transport, tourism and housing are just some of the sectors susceptible to Mexico’s deteriorating drug violence. Security costs are becoming a concern for Mexican compani...

Panama’s Growing Pains

Panama Central America China

Rapid growth is still predicted, but the country is encountering speed-bumps along its way. Maintaining fiscal discipline and inflationary pressures will be among the cha...

Scylla and Charybdis

Peru Equity Bonds

Slow Recovery

Caribbean Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago

Most of the Caribbean is waiting for developed markets’ economies to improve, but high oil prices threaten the tourism-dependent and highly indebted region.

Televisa Gets Aggressive

The Arches Turn Golden