September / October 09

LatinFinance Investment Banking Survey -- The Battle for Brazil


Since the financial world did not end, global banks have dusted off and gotten largely back to business as usual. Brazil is the focus of a new fight for LatAm fees.

OTPP Invests in Latin America

OTPP is blazing a trail for pension funds targeting stable returns in LatAm. Its strategy based on partnerships and strict due diligence has yielded good results, say its...

Middle East Invests in Latin America

Capital flow between the Middle East and LatAm is more than just a pipe dream. The South-South link is forged and set to get a lot stronger.

Digicel Interview: Opportunity Calling


In less than a decade, cell phone operator Digicel has become the Caribbean market leader. Expansion into Central America means taking on América Móvil and Telefónica. ...



PEOPLE MOVES: UBS, Merrill Doors Revolve


Latin American Debt Springs to Life

Brazil Equity: High Hopes

Cement Dominates M&A


Mexican RMBS Hits Resistance

Structured Finance

LatAm Central Banker Ranking

For the first time, LatAm central banks had the footing to use counter-cyclical policy to fight crisis. Controlling inflation as growth returns is the challenge ahead.

Colombia Central Banker Interview: Timing it Right


After Brazil and Chile, Colombia’s central bank did best in LatAm at confronting the multiple challenges of global financial crisis. It overcame significant domestic hurd...

Brazil Sovereign Bond Issuance Focus


Showing high grade restraint, Brazil seized LatAm liquidity with a trailblazing long-dated reopening. It is opportunistic and wants to strengthen dollar and real benchmar...

Brazil Economy: Too Much Stimulus?


Brazil’s rebound is impressive, though government intervention creates distortions that must be addressed. The election cycle destabilizes the operating environment.

Brazil Equity: Good Days, Bad Ways


Brazil is firmly back on the world equity map, following a slew of blowout deals. Some fear a return to the reckless conditions of 2007, and investors are wary.

Brazil Real Estate Equity: Back from Near Death


After a dizzying plunge in real estate shares, some Brazilian homebuilders are gingerly testing the market. Strong foundations come from single-digit rates and a low inco...

Brazil Securitization: Looking Up


Brazilians are optimistic about a rebound in domestic securitization. Other challenges await after volume revives, including building the investor base.

Mexico Economy: Reform or Bust


Even if Mexico does survive its biggest test in over a decade, the recovery will be muted pending real reforms. There are numerous short term hazards to overcome.

Banorte CEO Interview


Banorte profit has dropped amid rising loan provisions and lower interest rates, as Mexico struggles through its deepest downturn in decades. It hopes to outfox the forei...

Peru Investment Hits Resistance


Billions of dollars in direct investment is poised to flow into Peru, one of the fastest growing regional economies. Social unrest and an LNG controversy highlight the ri...

BCP CEO Interview


Banco de Crédito, Peru’s biggest bank, is forecasting strong growth next year, in line with the country’s GDP expansion path. It plans to raise funds in Chile.

Colombia Stuck in Bad Neighborhood


All eyes are on Colombia as the next big LatAm investment destination. There is ample opportunity in energy and retail, but political risk is rearing its ugly head.

Caribbean Faces Tough Macro Outlook


Global crisis has spanked the Caribbean and the bad news just keeps coming. Amid contracting liquidity, the region is pained by bruised tourism revenues and battered rem...

Caribbean Loans Slump


Loans to Caribbean companies for the first seven months have dropped by around 50% compared to the same period in 2008. Demand and supply remain weak.

Caribbean Infrastructure: Multilaterals to the Rescue


As financing from commercial banks becomes increasingly expensive and hard to access, developers of Caribbean infrastructure turn to multilaterals.

The Top 40 Sustainable Banks


Our fifth annual survey of ethics and sustainability at LatAm’s leading banks shows standards getting tougher as investors demand more. Brazilians continue to stand out. ...

LEGAL SERVICES GUIDE: Restructuring Year

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Amid global crisis, law firms covering Latin America have seen a boom in restructuring and M&A. They are now seeking growth in other areas as markets recover.

LEGAL SERVICES GUIDE: Mergers and Acquisitions - The Brazilian Market


The M&A landscape in Brazil has changed greatly in the past twenty-five years. Back then, companies and their shareholders, executives, auditors and lawyers were all step...

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People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

PARTICIPATING IN THE DISCUSSION: Alvaro Rodriguez, Founder, IGNIA; Shari Berenbach, Executive Director, Calvert Foundation; Christine Eibs Singer, Co-Founder and CEO, E +...