July / August 2009

Eike Batista Pushes Brazil Infrastructure


Eike Batista is rolling out a jumbo infrastructure-focused private equity fund to support his businesses. A major new Brazilian shipping hub is also in the works.

Ranking the Buyside: Beaten by the Index

People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Bonds

Exceptional volatility caused by the global financial crisis has wiped out much of the last five years of hefty fund gains. Managers struggle to position for recovery.

Compensation Survey: Brazil Pay Bottoms


Brazilian investment bank compensation may tumble this year, but recovery is in sight. Those institutions less impacted by crisis should still pay well.

Guide to Banking Technology: Banking to Go

Banks in Latin America are adding mobile banking services, but they are behind other emerging economies in implementation. That should change in the near-term.

COMMENT: Brown Shoots

Boutique Investment Banking: Who Are the New Players?

Bonds M&A

With the investment banking model under siege, entrepreneurs see an opportunity to fill a void in sellside service. An oversupply of available talent helps drive the proc...



China Construction Bank (CCB) is assessing the potential in Latin America as a possible second phase of its Americas buildout, raising the prospect of substantial fresh c...

DEBT: Jumbo Train

A decline in EM risk perception has seen bond prices rally and a steady stream of new issuance from LatAm. The list of potential followers is long, but as of mid-June it ...

EQUITY: VisaNet Draws Global Buyers


A flurry of offerings that could be worth upwards of 12 billion reais has gripped Brazil, whose stock market rose 40% in the first five months. Increasingly liquid dedica...

M&A: China Mining Deal Flops


What was potentially the largest M&A deal of the year for LatAm – Chinalco’s acquisition of Rio Tinto assets including part of Chile’s Escondida copper mine – fell apart ...



A successful 1.65 billion peso teak tree securitization by Mexican grower AGSA in July 2008 has sprouted a host of local ABS imitators. As of mid-June, deals from the hom...

LatAm Private Equity: Eye on the Prize

It is far from smooth sailing for private equity cash raising. But funds are not pulling out of LatAm, which is more attractive than other regions.

Private Banking: Brazil Locals Ascend


Brazilian institutions aim to capitalize on international competitors’ woes by seizing private bank market share. High net worth clients are repatriating funds but stayin...

BNDES: Market Savior or Inhibitor?

The BNDES provides critical long-term and affordable funds in severe market stress. It insists that a flood of subsidized money complements, rather than crowds out, the p...

Ecuador Mining: Sovereign Gold Lining

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Ecuador may be exiled from capital markets for years by an aggressive debt restructuring, but the government hopes to attract mining dollars. It faces an uphill struggle....

Trade Finance: China Weighs

Bonds Structured Finance

Multilaterals, ECAs and China are covering for traditional providers of trade finance, who are expected to deploy less this year. However, commercial banks are poised to ...

Corporate Governance: Raising the Bar


Bar Governance standards are rising quickly, but some LatAm corporates are missing the boat. Brazil remains the regional standard bearer.

Ecuador Restructuring: Inside Job

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Capitalizing on turbulence and pessimism in the international markets, Ecuador’s cunning has chopped millions from its debt burden.


Global crisis may be the best time to consider sovereign upgrade, since ratings ultimately gauge ability to handle shocks. However, only a select few may get an upgrade.