September 2006

A Giant Moves In


In one fell swoop, HSBC has become a large Central American bank through its purchase of Panamanian financial powerhouse Banistmo.

Asian Fever & Chills


Asian individual investors are a rich new financing source for Latin American credits as wealth continues to build in the East.

Borrow Now, Repent Later

Effective methods for collecting delinquent payments from consumers can mark the difference between profits and labors lost in Latin America.

Cautious Optimism

Despite continued unrest and massive odds stacked against them, Haitians are hoping that things will improve under a new government.

Changing for the Better

Our first sustainability ranking for major Latin American countries threw up some interesting and counter-intuitive results.

Changing Landscape


Financial options in Mexico are expanding, putting pressure on large banks to improve customer service and reach out to a wider swath of consumers.

China's Point Man In Latin America


Franco Macri, the Argentine industrialist and China's senior investment advisor for Latin America, expounds on how China hopes to engage the region.

Customer Service


Proximity to the US and a bevy of English speakers are helping the Caribbean lure a growing slice of the global call-center business.

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Eternal Youth


With its mix of young demographics and rapidly developing capital markets, Mexico offers a cocktail of interesting investment opportunities.

Feeding a Dragon


As China's economic might expands and it throws more weight around in Latin America, some see opportunity while others fear setbacks.

Finance for the 21st Century


Brazil's massive agribusiness sector is attracting private equity, venture capital and other sophisticated forms of investment.

Harnessed To The SarbOx

Changes in the regulations governing US listings are having surprising consequences for Latin American issuers.

Here Comes Wal-Mart

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Mini Multi-Latinas

Just as large Latin American companies have spread their wings in neighboring markets, the region's small- and mid-sized companies are hoping to expand as well.

Of Dragons & Elephants


China's growing influence on Latin America has, to some extent, overshadowed the rise of another emerging market giant in the East: India. By Javier Santiso*

One Shot


Out of the Red

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Brazil's new bankruptcy law offers hope for indebted companies trying to stay viable, and assurance for their creditors, too.


Reaching the Base


Though individual transactions are small, the bottom of Mexico's income pyramid is looking increasingly attractive to issuers of consumer credit.

Ready for Take-Off


After years of steady economic progress, Brazilians are eager to invest in real estate and investors are swooping in to meet their needs.

Room to Grow


With Mexican companies on a multi-year profit and revenue expansion, local legislation and the stock exchange are modernizing to keep pace.

Round Edges


Even remote and oft-overlooked corners of the Caribbean are bounding along economically, although a changing outlook for tourism could derail the progress.

Stability Dividend


Brazil has made significant economic and policy strides that have translated into stability and investor confidence even in rocky times and election years.

Standing Alone


After years of heavy investment, Brazil's state-controlled oil company, Petrobras, is supplying all of the country's oil needs.

Stepping Out

The island of Curaçao is shoring up economic plans for its pending departure from the Netherlands Antilles, with tourism and energy to be pillars of its autonomy.

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United We Lend


Local Caribbean banks from the windward side of the basin are banding together to compete in a rapidly changing regional marketplace.

Upmarket Ambitions


A slew of tourism projects planned for the Caribbean are aimed at discerning clientele who want high-end properties with space for their mega-yachts.