October 2006

Airfares for All


After more than five years on the runway, Brazilian no-frills airline Gol is still inspiring imitators in Latin America.

Bang for the Buck

Latin America's healthcare systems are as different as the nations themselves – but some are more effective than others.

Building Brazil

Colombian Black Gold


After years as the awkward stepchild for oil companies operating in South America, Colombia is looking awfully attractive.

Cracks in the Infrastructure Agenda

With greater import being placed on the environmental and social impacts of mega-projects, barriers to breaking ground on them have become higher.

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ECM Bookrunner Ranking - Latin America January 06 to October 06

Fueling Progress


Pioneered by Brazil, green gasoline initiatives are gaining ground even in major oil-producing nations like Mexico and Venezuela.

If You Build It


Central America is copying and improving on the Mexican model of large-scale, planned tourist centers by FONATUR.

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Making Mexico

More Than Hot Air


LNG is shaping up to be an important technology for supplying natural gas to North America, and Mexico is positioned to play a pivotal role.

New Ethics for Latin Oil

Once a group of scandal prone polluters operating on the hush-hush, many oil companies in Latin America are making serious strides in transparency.

Obstacles for Development

A number of issues are keeping investors from committing capital to infrastructure projects in Latin America.

Size Matters


Smoother Roads

Eugenio Mendoza, MBIA managing director & head of new business development in Latin America and Canada, discusses the company's funding program for insured infrastructure...

Stay Clean, Go Green

Adopting the safeguards outlined in the Equator Principles can spare banks from embarrassing reputation risks that often arise in financing infrastructure projects.

Stuck in the Station


Getting the private sector involved in Brazil's attempts to update rusty infrastructure has proven trickier than anticipated.

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The Last Drop

Close to a dozen spirits companies circled over Herradura in the hopes of capturing one of the tequila segment's last great privately owned brands.

Waste Not, Want Not

With much of Latin America riding the commodity boom, countries are debating how best to invest the cash. Infrastructure remains a top option.

Water Wars

Concession operators for services like water are seeking damages from failed Latin business ventures in international courts.