July 2006

Back in Argentina's Arms


Like a seasoned temptress, Argentina has lured investors back with luscious yields and loads of charm. But this Jezebel still has bite.

Counting Chickens

A micro finance veteran lays out the possible pitfalls for large, conventional financial institutions looking to lend to Latin America's lowest economic rungs. by Rosemar...

Cream of the Crop

Morgan Stanley impresses both debt and equity issuers to position itself as the best investment bank in Latin America, according to a LatinFinance poll.

Cushioning the Blow


Dan Ozizmir, managing director in Swiss Re's capital markets unit, explains how the reinsurer structured a $160 million catastrophe bond for Mexico.

DCM Bookrunner Ranking - Latin America - January 06 to July 06


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ECM Bookrunner Ranking - Latin America - January 06 to July 06

Latin America Announced M&A by Nationality - January 06 to July 06

Latin America Announced M&A by Nationality - January 06 to July 06 (1)

Latin American Volumes - January 06 to July 06

Long, Slow March


With homebuilding and lending going full-throttle in Mexico, originators are hurrying to package their mortgage portfolios into securities.

M&A Completed Ranking - Latin America - January 06 to July 06

On A Steady Path

The local capital markets of Latin America move forward at an accelerating pace but much remains to be done.

Pactual's Promise


By snatching up a hot local investment bank, emerging market heavyweight UBS has beefed up its Brazil presence in a big way.


Powers That Be

With their rich profits and near-duopoly status, the big two ratings agencies are coming under growing scrutiny the world over.

Ready for REITs


After having worked out some tax complications, Mexico is poised to become the first Latin American country to develop a REIT market.

Riskier Returns

Some investment banks, fed up with years of thin margins in the debt underwriting business, are seeking out higher profits by plunking down their own capital.

Scrapping for Brazil Talent


Booming debt and equity markets, combined with expectations for an investment grade, have turned Brazil into a magnet for investment banking.

Syndicated Loans Mandated Arrangers - Latin America - January 06 to July 06

Taking the Reins


PIMCO's enormously successful emerging markets investments are now under the careful watch of Michael Gomez, who took over for Mohamed El-Erian.

That's a Wrap

Credit enhancement used to be something that only municipalities in the US wanted to do. Now Latin American corporates are looking at it as well.

The Dog That Didn't Bark

Venezuelan Vital Stats

Bonds Structured Finance

CAF's $100 million bolivar bond issue in Venezuela brings some much-needed variety to local investors, and hopefully some vitality for the long-stale market as well.

Volatility Rears Its Ugly Head

After a three-year bull run, Latin America's capital markets are caught in the throes of a market correction. Issuers and investors say they are prepared this time.