December 2006

All Dollars, No Sense

Bank of New York Latin America Roundtable

LatinFinance spoke recently with the senior managers of Bank of New York's core products about how finance in Latin America is changing and how Bank of New York's busines...

Beating the Odds

Financial institutions and governments in Latin America are teaming up to extend credit for higher education. The next step is securitizations of student loans.

Buyer Beware

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Five years on from Argentina's $100 billion default, the immense costs to the rest of the world have finally been totted up. Latin America risks paying much more.

Capturing the Flow

Banks are missing out on managing the increasingly large flow of cash being sent home to Central America by expatriates. As remittances swell, so do opportunities.

Commodity Margins Compress

Liquidity and competition are squeezing margins in one of South America's most attractive niche markets – commodity export finance.


Deals (1)


Endangered Species

The boom years have left borrowers in very good shape for 2007. Net new foreign currency issuance from sovereigns is going the way of the dodo.

Equity Good Times Roll


A bullish 2007 is forecast for Latin American equities, with a steady stream of IPOs and heavy flow in secondary trading.

Escaping Original Sin


Mexico's shift to domestic markets points the way for emerging economies to cast off the original sin of too much overseas debt. Talking to international investors has be...

Investors Get Complacent

Heavyweight emerging markets investors are betting on a bumper 2007. After so many years of outsized returns, they are sounding a bit smug.

Latin America Announced M&A by Nationality

Latin American Volumes

Latin Corporates Lever Up

Middle market companies in Latin America are waking up to the benefits of leverage at a time that highly liquid banks are reaching down the credit spectrum for yield.

Loans Grab the Limelight


Syndicated lending has become the unlikely star of the Latin American financing show, with ever larger transactions at increasingly tight pricing.



Pooling for Recovery

Esteban Buljevich, a principal counsel at the International Finance Corporation, explains why the IFC wants to develop the secondary market for non-performing loans in de...

Purchasing Power

With economic and political stability now widespread in Latin America, leasing looks to be an increasingly viable option for companies financing capital goods purchases.

Second Tier Misses the Party

Blue chip corporates have a broader array of financing options available to them than ever before. But the lower tier is being left behind.

Slowly but Surely

Regional integration in Central America is gradually taking place. The benefits of critical mass and links to the US are clear, but not everyone is convinced.

Uncharted Waters

The longest bull run ever for Latin America is alive, well and shows little sign of stopping. LatinFinance examines the opportunities, and the risks.

Uruguay Works it Out

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Uruguay has wasted no time shoring up its debt profile since restructuring in 2003. Its groundbreaking October exchange paves the way for further credit improvements.

Virgin Territory

Latin America should be the next frontier for private equity firms and leveraged buyout shops looking for high-voltage returns.