November 2003

A Gamble, Then Hard Work


A High Flyer No More

A sliding peso has crushed the Pellerano family's once high-flying media and financial group. It has already had to sell Bancrédito and heavy dollar debts at Tricom have ...

A Name to Reckon With

A Successful Franchise

A Survivor's Tale


Ricardo Handley personifies the wheeling and dealing that characterized Argentina in the 1990s. Now, after years in obscurity, he is back in the public eye.

Ahead of the Pack


Under the command of Roberto Setúbal, Brazil's Banco Itaú has moved into a league of its own. Itaú is the most profitable and most valuable bank in Latin America.

Aiming for a Local Following

São Paulo's Unibanco had wanted to tidy up its confusing share structure for years. A rally in the equity markets was the opportunity it was waiting for.

And Then There Was One


Back in the Game


Bargain Hunting in a Buyer's Market


Latin American investors are buying up companies left behind by retreating multinationals. More local investors are getting ready to hit the acquisition trail soon.

Bouncing Back, Boosting Business

The results are in! Find out which banks won the 17 awards spanning 14 countries and regions as well as the Best Pan-Regional Bank, Most Improved Bank and Best Developmen...

Brazil 2003: A New Future


LatinFinance's inaugural Brazil Conference, held in September in Rio de Janeiro, attracted a star-studded cast of speakers from academia, the private sector and the fed...

Clash of the Giants




Defending the Home Turf


Exclusive Interview with Itaú BBA

Read this exclusive interview with senior executives at the newly-formed Itaú BBA. ONLY ONLINE.

Finally Paying Off

Firmly in the Black


Free Trade Policy Now

Living with Uncertainty

Mopping Up the Mess

It's been a terrible year for the banking system, with three of the top six private-sector banks failing or pressured into forced sales. The collapse is due to mismanagem...

Picking Up the Pieces

Pipelines of Discontent


Bolivians threw out a government over plans to export natural gas. Bolivia and other gas-rich Latin American countries risk forfeiting forever the North American market t...

Regional Reach


Risks and Rewards

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Ramón Báez ran Baninter as a criminal enterprise, officials say. However, poor regulation and political connections contributed to the collapse of the country's third-lar...

Small But Strong

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Solidly Profitable


Staying at Home

Still Standing Proud


The Bank That Could


The Price of Reelection

President Hipólito Mejía wants to step up public spending and win reelection. But a banking crisis, ballooning budget deficits and a collapsing currency have ended the co...

Twin Survivors

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Uniting a Troubled Region

Bonds Structured Finance

Banco Itaú - Bank of the Year

Examine comprehensive financial data on Banco Itaú, LatinFinance's 2003 Bank of the Year. ONLY ONLINE. Source: Economatica.

PIONEERING THE EFFICIENT FRONTIER: The Inaugural LatinFinance Mexican Pension Fund Forum


LatinFinance presented the Mexican Pension Fund Forum as a vehicle for learning and a catalyst for change in the Mexican markets as new doors are opened for pension fun...