September 2001

A Blip in Jamaican Stability

The July shootout near Kingston unnerved investors but appears not to have spilled beyond the isolated incident.

A Future or a Fall?


The Argentine government is taking a stab at reviving the country's feeble capital markets but it has tremendous, perhaps insurmountable, hurdles to overcome.

Argentina's Last Defense

Time and the markets will judge Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo's attempt to stabilize the country's fragile finances.

Betting on the High Rollers


Belize is looking to diversify away from traditional agricultural exports to manufactures and Internet-based services. Online gaming could be a lucrative niche.

Blame Everyone


Bridging the Divide


Central America and southern Mexico are hoping that together they can achieve what they have failed to do on their own. The omens are not good.

Business & Banking


Consolidating and Integrating


With the Brazilian government's divestment from a major petrochemical group, the industry is on its way to reaching global standards of efficiency.

Content is Televisa's Key

The world's largest Spanish-language media group appears to have solved its immediate debt problems. But the company may face an even bigger challenge in its bid to raise...

Early-Stage Banking


With a lack of foreign exchange, international regulatory pressure and shortage of bankable risks, Belize's young banking system still has serious deficits.

Emphasizing the Positive


Argentina has cast a long shadow over the region, but a select group of issuers can still raise capital in any form, as long as they get the price, structure and timing r...

Islands of Plenty


The Caribbean republic of Trinidad & Tobago has created a vibrant capital market that seeks to act as a regional banking center, serving public - and priavte - sector ins...

Learning the Hard Way


Argentina is sunk in a national depression. The country needs bold action to deal with its problems. But the government of Presidente Fernando de la Rúa is losing control...

Let the Hard Times Roll

Fees are down firmly in spite of consolidation on Wall Street, and deals that once looked paltry look princely today. Yet issuers and their bankers agree the lean years a...

Living with Headline Risk


Investors are applauding Colombia's economic team for straightening out the government's finances. But political uncertainty is rising with the approach of the 2002 elect...

Making Belize Accessible


Hurricane Keith shattered Belize last year. The country is now beefing up its infrastructure and revamping its ports to facilitate trade and attract investment.



Pecom Energia Tides Itself Over


With investors even more skittish, Argentine companies are relying on their relationship banks for financing. Pecom's unsecured note is carrying the company through a rou...



Putting Wealth to Work


Oil revenues have made Trinidad & Tobago a rich little country and exporter of capital. The government's challenge is to channel some of that money into the local economy...

Raising the Ceiling

Moody's Investors Service is grading banks and companies above their government's foreign currency rating ceiling, even if some countries are in very poor shape. Not ever...

Reinventing Belize


Twenty years after gaining independence from the UK, Belize is struggling to define itself while dealing with mounting debts. It is also trying to diversify its agricultu...

Six hours, $1.5 Billion


With its lightning-fast bond issue in early August, Mexico seized on a hot investment grade bond market and succesfully tapped into taht strong demand.

Sovereign Report


Sweet Calamity


Argentina may be falling to pieces, but the country's best companies have learned from the decades of experience that with robust balance sheets, international expansion ...

The 2001 Latin American Research Olympics


The End of An Asset Class?


Fund manager Mohamed A. El-Erian contemplates the future of emerging market assets in the aftermath of Argentina's crisis. Despite the gloomy outlook for the region, tigh...

The Lift Under Embraer's Wings

People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Maurício Botelho has transformed Brazil's regional aircraft maker from a money-losing dud into a profit-driven enterprise that has won the respect and support of the inte...

The Thnking Banker's Thinking Banker


Sir John Bond, chairman of HSBC Holdings, says the international financial community should create an environment in which markets can function more effectively.