October 2001

A Compromise Solution


After four years of debate, Brazil's Congress finally approved a minority investor rights law that seeks to balance the interests of all shareholders in publicly traded c...

A Dominican Rebound


Despite intense market volatility in September, the Caribbean country was able to raise $500 million with a debut global bond. The issue is an effort to develop the Domin...

Competent, Committed and Controversial


With three decades of finance experience and long alliance with Peru's president and finance minister, newly appointed Prime Minister Roberto Dañino could add another sho...

Counting on the Currency

Adopting the dollar has helped push down interest rates in El Salvador, to the benefit of borrowers. But there is little evidence that dollarization is helping revive the...

Going Big, Going Wide


Banorte, Mexico's leading regional bank, has bought Bancrecer, a bank with a strong branch network in an attempt to create a powerhouse operation that serves the enitre c...

How Long Can It Go?


In Sickness and In Wealth


As Latin America and the world head toward economic recession, investment bankers gear up for new kinds of offerings. Local mergers, tailor-made products and increased ad...



Prices are Clearing the Markets


High foreign indebtedness and a large current account deficit combined with a marked increase in risk aversion in the international financial markets have pummeled the Br...

Secondary Marketplace


The Glitter is Gone


Under Juan Navarro, the Exxel Group shot to fame as Argentina's most savvy leveraged buyout firm. But some of its companies are in financial trouble as Navarro's financia...

The Investors' Club


Nearly all sources of conventional financing for Argentine companies have dried up. Several local financiers have come up with some new ideas for finding financing fresh ...

Venture Capital’s Dark Cloud

The end of the new technology bubble has burned lots of investors in Latin America. It has also made venture capital, virtually unknown to Latin America prior to the Inte...

Wraps, Covers and PR

While the Latin American market for traditional insurance products is growing fast, corporate finance and capital markets coverage is also developing. Demand for it is li...

Wrestling with Restructuring

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The deteriorating credit quality of many Latin American debt issuers is raising their financing costs, threatening to push struggling companies over the edge and ignite a...