November 2001

A Special Kind of Bank


Venezuela has endured years of tumult, but banco Mercantil has managed to keep growing thanks to strong leadership, well-timed acquisitions and international alliances.

Agrícola Positions Itself for Regional Expansion

Banco BISA Branches Out to Overcome Challenges


Banco Bolivariano Survives the Storm


Banco Bradesco Grows Sharper and More Nimble

Banco Comercial Expands Defensively

Banco de Occidente Outsmarts its Environment

Central America

Banco Rio's Safe, Sensible Strategy


Banco Santiago Divides and Conquers

Banco Wiese Readies Itself for Recovery


Bancolombia makes Distribution Work

Bancomer Transitions from Mergers to Growth


Bankers Unite!

Banks in Latin America are bracing for another year of turbulence as the region's environment becomes more hostile. Local banks, chief among them Banco Mercantil and Banc...

Business & Banking


Chile Makes a Statement


With its $650 million bond issue in October, the Chilean government sought to differentiate itself from other emerging market borrowers. In doing so, it became somewhat o...

Citibank Connects With Its Clients

Citigroup Cultivates the Corporate Crowd

Committed to Reform

Bonds Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

The president of the CVM, Brazil's capital market regulatory agency, explains why new legislation will reform the country's equity markets, improve corporate governance a...

Globalization Gets A Presidential Push


Mexico's former head of state, Ernesto Zedillo, is fashioning a post-presidential career as an advocate for globalization, international development and social justice.



Passion for Customers Drives Banco Aleman


Primer Banco del Istmo's Regional Mission


Re-engineering Regulations

The United Kingdom has melded its multiple financial market regulators into a unified entity. The chairman of the new authority explains Britain's risk-based regulatory a...

So long, Farewell Aerolineas


The Argentine national airline is in private hands, 11 years after it was privatized. But nobody is saying what the new owners paid for one of Latin America's worst airli...

The Local Latin Leader


Banco Itaú consistently makes more money than any other domestically owned bank in Latin American , and is ready and able to resist the advance of US and European players...

The Predator Strikes Again

Over a year ago, AES mounted Latin America's first succesful hostile takeover when it bought Venezuela's largest power utility. It is back for more, but investors wonder ...