May 2001

A Long-Term Lull

Latin America needs to invest in infrastructure and the region's financial system lacks the breadth and depth to finance companies. Pension funds have plenty of capital, ...

Alive and Innovating


Latin lending has held up well, in spite of turbulence in Argentina and uncertainty over the direction of the US economy. The market is becoming more sophisticated, creat...

Bailing Out the Banks


The government is cleaning up the banking system, but Jamaicans are still paying a heavy price for botched financial liberalization in the 1990s.

Business & Banking

Finding a Safe Haven in Chile

Transelec's double-barreled bond was designed to match its revenue streams. The issue went like a dream, in spite of emerging market volatility and turbulence in the powe...

Full Interview with Raúl Muñoz

Hoping for the Best

The financial system has survived a period of great uncertainty almost intact. But liquidity is slipping away from the stock market, depriving the pension funds of invest...

How Not to Help Argentina


Investing in Tomorrow's Peru

The government has a tourism plan that maps out development through 2015, diversifying away from traditional sites such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu to new areas and sectors...


Mexico’s Capital Connection


One World of Wealth Management


Outmaneuvering the Market


The World Bank rewards Colombia for getting its fiscal house in order with a partial guarantee that helped the sovereign access the fickle dollar market at a difficult ti...

Overcoming Fujimori’s Shadow


The new president of Peru will face a daunting series of challenges that range from inspiring confidence in the political system to reviving investment and growth.


Private Banks Go Public

Rebuilding Internal Confidence


Peru has made considerable progress addressing its severe infrastructure deficit by privatizing telecom, power, and transportation systems. But dreams of becoming a high-...

Sovereign Report


Sun, Sand, Sea and Software


Jamaica wants to become the silicon island of the Caribbean. Tourism has spawned a vibrant services industry and the country hopes today's call center employees will be t...

The Battle for Efficiency


The mining industry was Peru's most dynamic sector through years of recession and weak growth. But metals prices are struggling to recover, so companies are cutting costs...

The Big Push in Private Banking Law

The Brave New World of Corporate Governance


Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the Mexican business leader, has become a target for shareholder rights activists. Here, he gives his side of the story and sets out the far-reach...

The Island of Renewal


Jamaica is shaking off years of recession and the effects of a severe banking crisis. But the country still must deal with a debt mountain and a difficult business climat...

The Steep, Uphill Battle


Jamaica's government faces a prolonged struggle to manage its debt mountain despite privatizations and the sale of financial institutions. Now the government is turning i...