March 2001

A Do-Gooder Branches Out

CDC Capital Partners, the British government's emerging market investment fund, is trying to redefine its role. It wants to become a profit-oriented private equity inve...

A Reversal of Fortunes


Investor attitudes toward Latin American sovereign bonds have done an about face as Argentina stabilizes its finances and US interest rates fall. As a result, piles of c...

Business & Banking


Cemex's Stratospheric Rise


In the last decade, the Mexico-based cement company has transformed itself into a world-class company. The problem is, Cemex may eventually outgrow its home market.

Codified Rules, Not Case Law


While based on similar constitutional principles, Mexico's confined legal framework differs from the US common law system. Foreign investors should understand the basics ...

Down But Not Out


Though the Andean countries have been hit by a barrage of political and economic instability, some investors managed to turn adverse market dynamics to their advantage.

Fox's Biggest Sell


Part cheerleader, part idealist and all business, Vicente Fox Quesada is convincing Mexico - and the world - that with rationally designed policies, performance targets a...

Getting Back To High Growth


Jobs, Growth and Modernization


Vicente Fox met with John Barham, editor of LatinFinance, at Fox's new offices in the Los Pinos presidential compound in Mexico City. Fox, in his trademark cowboy boots, ...

Keeping Chile Proud, and Profitable


At his second go-around as head of the Chilean state-owned mining company Codelco, Juan Villarzú is promising to double the company's value, but he still must contend wit...

Making Peace and Becoming a Player


The agenda of Mexico?s new president is emerging, and Vicente Fox appears to be tackling the domestic and international fronts with equal zeal. His strong popularity will...


Moving in Tandem with the US


To avoid an increase in its current account deficit and increased pressure on the peso, Mexico needs to synchronize its business cycle with that of the US.


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Economy & Policy

Punching Above Its Weight


Portugal Telecom has parlayed its Brazilian assets into an outsized alliance with Spain's Telefónica that will dominate Brazil's cell phone market. The deal also will h...

Ready to Rehabilitate Argentina


The international debt markets responded enthusiastically to Argentina's $4.2 billion bond swap that reshaped the country's repayment schedule. The deal was a strong show...

Smooth Operator Meets His Match

Enrique Iglesias has made a name as a conciliator with 13 years in Washington as head of the Inter-American Development Bank. He will need all his skill as a negotiator...

Sovereign Report


Stumbling No More


After a costly government rehabilitation program, Mexican banks are re-capitalized, restructured and back in private hands. As consolidation and foreign bank participatio...

Technocrat, Thinker and Blunt Critic

As finance minister, Paco Gil Díaz may not win many popularity contests. But with decades of experience and unwavering convictions, he is expected to hold down spending a...



Tle Latin Capital Rotation

As the US economy ratchets down, the global credit markets will respond accordingly. The big question for Latin America is whether local borrowers can meet their capital ...

Tugging Toledo to the Right


Alejandro Toledo, one of the front-runners in Peru's April presidential race, chose Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the veteran international financier, as his chief economic advi...

Two Years and Counting


The Brazilian power industry needs more foreign investment and greater flexibility on contracts as the deadline for market liberalization approaches. Without changes, pow...