June 2001

A Debt to the Local Markets

When international investors shun Latin borrowers these days, they can find support locally. Pockets of activity in local debentures and increasingly sophisticated struct...

An Online Launching Pad

Latin American banks are hoping that by mediating all sorts of online transactions, they can build their customer base and the profits they generate with traditional serv...

Business & Banking


Citigroup’s Latin Platform


The purchase of one of Mexico's most successful banks has transformed Citigroup into the largest private sector financial institution in Latin America with $49 billion as...

Ecuador Pushes its Trade Lines to the Brink

The country could soon lose its remaining trade lines if talks with international bankers break down. The banks are down to their last card in a bitter game of poker.

Leading the Emerging Markets Charge

People Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Victor Menezes, CEO and chairman of Citibank, is overseeing the bank's expansion in fast-growing regions. He began his Latin American career in the '80s and knows the reg...



Mexico is a Latin American Country


Overcoming the Currency Deterrent


A Brazilian bond issue that protects investors from currency devaluation - a big problem in the capital-starved Brazilian energy sector - is a strong test case for future...



Preparing for the Worst

Kidnapping has become a growth industry for gangsters and guerillas in Latin America, which is why insuring against ransom payments is also growing exponentially.

Queens of the Curve


The principal Latin sovereigns are issuing less debt and using greater finesse to manage their yield curves. Can Argentina match the groing talent of Brazil and Mexico?

Shedding Its Burden


Argentina's $20 billion debt exchange will give the country time to put its fiscal house in order. But the swap won't address the challenge of reviving long-term economic...

Sovereign Report


Watching, But Not Waiting


Latin debt issuers and their bankers are looking for a definitive resolution to Argentina's financial straits. but they are still continuing to put bonds into the market ...