July 2001

A Central American Standout

Costa Rica enjoys one of Latin America's highest standards of living and has attracted key technology-based investment. But the government must energize public sector ref...

A Shrinking Universe


More corporate consolidation in Latin America has taken out a number of the region's best investment plays. But Brazil's banking sector and potential divestments by Latin...

A Wealth of Diversity

Latin America has undergone important changes that make it one of the most exciting regions for trade financiers and others involved in international trade. Uniformity is...

Balancing Coverage Options

Though it is an added cost, political risk insurance can help companies in emerging markets earn higher bond ratings than they would otherwise and set them apart from the...

Benefit of the Doubt

Bolivian Issue Makes its Mark


The largest and longest-dated bond issued in the Bolivian market could open the door for more private sector projects looking to find financing in the local markets.

Breaking New Ground

The Latin American region supports one of the broadest ranges of deal structures within trade finance, a reflection of the contrasting nature of the individual markets an...

Business & Banking


Creating a Consistent Image


Peru has endured erratic economic policies and political corruption at the highest levels. President Alejandro Toledo now must convince investors that the country will pu...

Financial Friction in Venezuela

President Hugo Chávez acused the country's banks of earning outrageous profits and threatened to fix interest rates. But market forces appear to have solved the problem, ...

Latin America’s Free Market Fixation


Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs argues that Argentina's brush with economic collapse should force everyone involved with Latin America to reconsider the merits of free market ort...



Milpo’s Mettle Rattles Peru


A small mining company's hostile takeover of a neighbor mine is a test for the Peruvian capital markets.

Pemex Repositions its Risk


A recent bond issue by the Mexican national oil company proves that it is parting ways with other emerging debt markets issuers, a trend that investors support.



Sandy Weill’s Big Bet


Convinced that Mexico offers outsized profits, Citigroup is plowing $12.5 billion into the country, creating its largest bank. Citi's acquisition of Banamex changes the r...

Shifting Interest Off-Line

Latin American Internet companies were the first to attract venture capital to the region and private equity in the region blossomed. But investors are now far more selec...

Shifting Toward Private Plans

Costa Rica is hoping that a liberalized pension fund system will ease the government's growing social security burden while revitalizing the local capital markets.

Sovereign Report


Spot the Market Failure


Brazil's plans for a wholesale power market backfired as poor management and weak regulations pushed it to the brink of collapse. The market's difficulties are part of th...

Survival of the Most Liquid

International investors are no longer interested in small, illiquid stocks. They want large companies with global ambitions. The trouble is, there are few Latin American ...

Swapping Money for Time


Has Argentina's massive debt exchange enabled it to avoid a debt payments crisis? Or will its escalating interest rates wreck the sovereign's ability to remain solvent?

Too Little, Too Late?


In July, Colombia's three feeble stock exchanges merge into a unified bourse. The question is, will the change restore equity investment in the country, even if sovereign...