April 2001

Banking on the Greenback


Central American countries are scrapping their currencies and adopting the dollar instead to buttress economic reforms and strengthen their financial systems. However, as...

Business & Banking


Cash Managers Without Frontiers

Multinationals operating in Latin America are adopting more streamlined cash management platforms for the region. But governments and some local banks have responded slow...

Defusing, Smoothing and Defending the Markets

With Latin America as his launching pad, Citigroup's vice chairman, Bill Rhodes, has taken on financial crises the world over. After a career of globetrotting, he's still...



Getting Guatemalan Banks Up to Global Speed

Central America

After more than 50 years operating under antiquated banking rules, Guatemala is in the process establishing capital adequacy guidelines, regulating offshore operations an...

In Their Image


The investment banking giant created by the merger of Chase and JP Morgan wants to serve every market sector in Latin America. It got off to a flying start, but it is lik...

Long-Distance, Local Service

Latin America's growing pension funds are the biggest players in their local markets. But the big US houses are having trouble seeing how they can make any money by estab...


Par-for-Par Breakthrough


Brazil's cleverly structured Brady exchange allows banks to swap bonds on their books without taking a hefty charge. mexico was the first to follow suit with a $3.3 billi...


Positioning Telmex’s Wireless Assets

By spinning off América Móvil, Telmex's wireless business can more effectively create a pan-Latin presence. The new company has $2.5 billion in cash and is on the fast tr...

Shaking Off Instability

Central America

Guatemala's new government has stabilized the economy but the country desperately needs a boost to fully recover from years of civil war and natural disasters.

Sovereign Report


Striking it Rich, For Now

In the last decade, Spanish and Portugese companies have taken Latin America by storm. Last year, they earned impressive profits in the region. But can the trend continue...



The Competition Heats Up

Citibank and FleetBoston remain the dominant custody players in Latin America. But comers such as Banco Santander mean more choices and better prices for companies seekin...

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