Banks talk bond with Costa Rica

Banks talk bond with Costa Rica

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Executives from Citi, Daiwa, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan recently visited Costa Rica to discuss a possible sovereign bond sale, said a source at the finance ministry.

The administration of President Carlos Alvarado and the Legislative Assembly are still discussing a decree to issue cross-border bonds, but they could reach an agreement by the end of July, the source said.

Alvarado's Acción Ciudadana party wants legislators to approve the sale of $6bn in international notes over the next five years. Members of the opposition on the finance committee are sticking to demands for a smaller sale of $2.5bn to $3bn, the source said.

Either way, Costa Rica could still print at least $1.5bn in bonds before the end of 2019, sources said.

Costa Rica last month borrowed $500m from the Latin American development bank CAF to cover its short-term financing needs. 

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