DR, Guatemala enter bond pipeline

DR, Guatemala enter bond pipeline

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The Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Jamaica could be the next sovereign issuers from Latin America and the Caribbean to hit the bond market as the post-Easter pipeline begins to fill up, LatinFinance has heard.

"I am surprised they have not come to market yet," said a debt capital markets banker in New York, adding that Guatemala may sell bonds before the Dominican Republic to take advantage of investor interest.

Panama was the last sovereign issuer to go to the cross-border bond market, selling $1bn in seven-year Euroclearable notes last week, and now the state-owned power transmission company ETESA is meeting international investors to pitch a $750m bond sale of its own on April 25.

"Pricing is going to be pretty competitive," the banker said of ETESA deal. "It's a very well known name and it's state-owned, so it has government support."

Scotiabank and Bank of America are coordinating ETESA's debut in the international bond markets.


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