CABEI funds waterworks in Costa Rica

CABEI funds waterworks in Costa Rica

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CABEI said it has approved a $55.1m loan to finance a sewage and flood control program in the city of Limón, Costa Rica.

The 20-year loan comes with a five-year grace period, CABEI said in a press release. 

The financing includes $42m to build sewer services in the neighborhoods of Limoncito, Envaco, Pueblo Nuevo and Los Baños. Costa Rica's water supply and sewage utility AyA will spend $275,000 on the $42.3m program.

The financing also involves $13.1m for a flood control system on the Limoncito River. The national groundwater, irrigation and drainage department Senara will put $1.2m in the $14.3m project, CABEI said.

CABEI granted a $425m loan in July last year to fund part of the PAACUME water supply and sewage project in the province of Guanacaste. It also lent $155m to AyA in May for 13 water supply projects.


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