Daily Brief

Dec 20, 2005 Issue

Argentina To Tap International Markets


Argentina is reportedly planning to tap the international markets for $8.9 billion, which it will then transfer to the central bank to replace funds used to pay off the s...

Brazil Record Current Account Surplus


Brazil's current account surplus widened to a record level in November, driven by increased exports. The surplus reached $1.74 billion compared with a deficit of $222 mil...

Colombia To Issue Samurai Bonds


Colombia is planning to issue Y22.5 billion ($195 million) of Samurai bonds, the first time the sovereign has done so since 2001, and the first Latin American country to ...

Four Oil Companies Sign With PDVSA

Four foreign oil companies have signed temporary agreements with Venezuela's state-owned PDVSA as part of a process that will see oil operational agreements becoming join...

Morales Reaffirms State Control of Energy


President-elect of Bolivia -- left-wing cocalero leader Evo Morales -- who will take office in January next year, has reaffirmed his determination to take control of the...