Daily Brief

Dec 29, 2005 Issue

Argentina Reserves Hit $28 Billion


Argentina's international reserves hit $28 billion, the level targeted by the central bank in order to cover the government's planned early debt repayment to the IMF on 3...

Chilean Copper Workers Delay Strike


Chilean copper workers at Codelco, the world's largest copper mine, yesterday, Wednesday, agreed to delay strike action to discuss a wage bonus with government officials....

Colombian Industrial Output Up 0.49%


Colombia's industrial output, excluding coffee processing, was up 0.49% in October as measured against the same month last year.

Metrogras Extends Swap Offer Deadline Again


Argentina's largest gas distributor, Metrogas, has again extended its debt swap offer deadline, this time until 11 January, hoping to increase the number of participating...

Venezuela Looks To Improve Debt Rating; Extend Maturities

Venezuela is looking to improve its debt profile by extending maturities and better its credit rating from ratings agencies. The government has invited banks – both local...