2015 Deals of the Year Awards


A nimble, innovative approach to fickle markets helped Latin America’s most impressive institutions raise capital and execute strategic transactions in 2015. LatinFinance recognizes the stand-out deals and dealmakers for their resounding success during a difficult year

Latin America’s borrowers, issuers, investors and intermediaries tackled a highly dynamic market in 2015.

The Lava Jato investigation in Brazil, and Petrobras’ delay of audited financial results, shut the country’s borrowers out of international debt markets for much of the first half of the year. The remainder of the year was marked by high-profile arrests and political unrest in Latin America’s biggest economy, quashing a typically bountiful source of deal flow for the region’s investment banks.

Global factors did not help the rest of the region. Concerns over Greece’s potential exit from the Eurozone, a looming rate hike from the US Federal Reserve and volatility from China combined with continually declining commodities prices to keep many players on the sidelines, and further clouded investors’ view of Latin America.

Against such a dark backdrop, this year’s Deals of the Year winners shone particularly bright. They employed an acute sense of timing and a nimble approach to markets. A penchant for innovation was also a common thread among this year’s most impressive deals and firms. Executives, bankers, lawyers and governments demonstrated a remarkable degree of creativity in their search for new sources of capital and their efforts will likely form the basis of further market advances this year.

LatinFinance again conducted a rigorous and thorough selection process to select the 2015 Deals of the Year winners. After taking nominations from market participants, the editorial team embarked on an intensive period of examination of data and market consultation. Deals closed between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015 were considered.

For the deal categories, we looked at the structure, timing and execution of transactions, their innovative and market-leading qualities, and their significance for the issuers. In the institutional categories, we considered firms’ participation in more complex, innovative or otherwise stand-out transactions, their depth and breadth of transactions and clients, and how their market standing has evolved. LF


Sovereign Issuer of the Year

Sovereign Bond of the Year

Corporate Issuer of the Year

Quasi-Sovereign Bond of the Year

Financing Innovation of the Year

Corporate High-Grade Bond of the Year

Corporate High-Yield Bond of the Year

Sovereign Liability Management of the Year

Corporate Liability Management of the Year

Equity Follow-On of the Year

Cross-Border M&A Deal of the Year

Initial Public Offering of the Year

Private Equity Deal of the Year

Domestic M&A Deal of the Year

Syndicated Loan of the Year

Restructuring of the Year

Local Currency Deal of the Year

Structured Financing of the Year

Trade Finance of the Year

Law Firm of the Year: LatAm

Law Firm of the Year: Brazil

Law Firm of the Year: Mexico

Law Firm of the Year: Andes

Bond House of the Year

Equity House of the Year

M&A House of the Year

Loan House of the Year

Investment Bank of the Year

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