Bank of the Year Bolivia: Banco BISA

Bank of the Year Bolivia: Banco BISA

Digital innovation and a healthy balance sheet have marked Banco Bisa’s performance.

Banco Bisa rolled out several new digital products and services that are helping it strengthen its relationship with clients.

“Execution and focus helped us have an excellent 2018, while our balance sheet has maintained a solid performance,” says Marco Asbún, Bisa’s executive vice president.

Although it’s known for servicing a large number of corporate clients, Bisa has also worked to grow its microcredit and consumer businesses. Asbun says microcredit now represents 10% of the bank’s portfolio with a heavy emphasis on digital services.

Among digital innovations, Bisa in May introduced Simple Pagos Express, a new payment and collection system that uses QR barcodes.

In July, the bank announced it had added Swift GPI to its online banking platform that allows customers to track their cash transfers abroad.

The new services followed the bank’s unveiling last year of its “BISA chatbot” on Facebook, which allows clients to check their account balances, make transfers and conduct other transactions.

Asbun says the digital push is about the bank transforming its customer experience.

“The future isn’t going to be about interest rates,” he says. “It will be about how customers interact with their bank.”