March/April 2016

  • ANDEAN PERU POLITICS: The right turn Mar 21, 2016

    The leading candidates in Peru’s presidential race stand to the right of center, but a break-out contender could still make a run for the presidential palace. By Lucien Chauvin

  • ANDEAN ECUADOR: Reversal of fortunes Mar 21, 2016

    Hampered by low oil prices, Ecuador is facing a budget shortfall this year and may find it hard to make up the difference. By Lucien Chauvin

  • INVESTOR REPORT ANDEAN: Keeping up Mar 21, 2016

    Peru’s stock exchange is working to boost liquidity and increase its investor appeal as it faces the threat of a downgrade to frontier market status. By Lucien Chauvin

  • NEWS BONDS: Diversification play Mar 21, 2016

    Latin American borrowers are turning to euro-denominated debt issuance to access competitive funding, while corporates are largely staying on the sidelines. By Mariana Santibáñez

  • INVESTOR REPORT BRAZIL: Entering the fray Mar 21, 2016

    Brazil’s last finance minister left office after less than a year. His successor, Nelson Barbosa, takes the reins of an economy in crisis—with investors deeply skeptical about its prospects. By Thierry Ogier

  • BRAZIL BANKING: In with the new Mar 21, 2016

    The chiefs of Bradesco and Itaú Unibanco are both about to end illustrious careers, but their successors are unlikely to have it so good. By Thierry Ogier

  • BRAZIL BANKING: Plumbing the depths Mar 21, 2016

    Petrobras is looking to offload assets as it faces billions of dollars in maturities over the next two years. But significant domestic and international headwinds are calling its plan—and its future—into question. By Aaron Weinman

  • BRAZIL BANKING: On the job Carlos Welter Mar 21, 2016

    Brazilian prosecutor Carlos Welter has been part of a team that has recovered billions of reais and targeted some of Brazil’s most powerful elite. Welter spoke to LatinFinance about the investigation and what it means for Brazil.

  • ROUNDTABLE CAPITAL MARKETS: Window watching Mar 21, 2016

    An acute sense of timing and an ability to navigate dynamic markets will be imperative for Latin American issuers in 2016. LatinFinance convened a group of leading investors, issuers and intermediaries to discuss strategies in New York in January. By Mariana Santibáñez

  • COVER STORY ARGENTINA CAPITAL MARKETS: Seizing the moment Mar 21, 2016

    For Argentine companies eyeing a return to debt markets, timing could be crucial. By Jennifer P. Roig

  • COVER STORY ARGENTINA: A delicate art Mar 21, 2016

    Although Argentina’s new conservative president has slashed export taxes, lifted currency controls and forged ties with the opposition in efforts to revive the country’s economy, significant challenges remain before investors come storming back. By Charles Newbery

  • COVER STORY ARGENTINA: The agenda Luis Caputo Mar 21, 2016

    Argentina is on the cusp of resolving a 15-year dispute with holdout creditors that could spell its return to global financial markets. Finance Secretary Luis Caputo discussed the country’s financial priorities with LatinFinance. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ENERGY: Balance of power Mar 21, 2016

    Scarce and costly energy resources are the biggest constraint facing the Dominican Republic’s economy. But a clutch of fresh initiatives in the sector could finally change the picture. By Lucien Chauvin

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ENERGY: The Matrix, Antonio Isa Conde Mar 21, 2016

    In early 2016, as the Dominican Republic prepared to launch two new coal-fired plants and made plans to open its borders to international oil exploration, LatinFinance sat down with the Energy and Mines Minister Antonio Isa Conde. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

  • INTERVIEW MagÍn Díaz: The normalcy bonus Mar 21, 2016

    The Dominican Republic’s efforts to develop its presence in local and international markets is paying off, as the sovereign eyes new avenues to global investors. Magín Díaz, vice minister of public credit, discussed his strategy with LatinFinance. By Sara Rosner & Miluska Berrospi

  • INVESTOR REPORT DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Dominican effect Mar 21, 2016

    The Dominican Republic’s economy is outpacing those of big and small countries alike – across Latin America. And prospects are looking up, thanks to a healthy mix of domestic demand, tourism and foreign investment in strategic sectors. By L ucien Chauvin

  • NEWS EQUITY/M&A: Slow start Mar 21, 2016

    Only a single new equity issue has priced in the first few months of 2016 and bankers see no offerings on the immediate horizon. But mergers & acquisitions could spur some transactions. By Aaron Weinman

  • SCORECARD FINANCE MINISTRY: Tough love Mar 21, 2016

    Finance ministries are taking bold action to strengthen their countries’ public finances at a time of severe stress. By Miluska Berrospi

  • SCORECARD FINANCE MINISTRY:The fundamentals, Luis Videgaray Mar 21, 2016

    Amid declining oil prices, interest rate hikes from its northern neighbor and global volatility, Mexico is focusing on creating certainty for international investors and local enterprises. Finance Minister Luis Videgaray spoke to LatinFinance about Mexico’s fiscal strategy. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

  • MARCH/APRIL 2016 FRONT NOTES: Shades of pink Mar 21, 2016

  • LOANS: Trickling in Mar 22, 2016

    Fewer borrowers are coming to the corporate loan and project finance markets as banks become more cautious about doling out credit. By Jennifer P. Roig

  • MEXICO BONDS: Game change Mar 22, 2016

  • MEXICO EQUITIES: Harnessing investment Mar 22, 2016

    Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex is set to debut the Fibra-E equity instrument this year, a vehicle designed to boost investments in energy and infrastructure assets. But depressed oil prices and uncertainty are leaving investors wary. By Aaron Weinman

  • SCORECARD PUBLIC CREDIT: Nimble and quick Mar 22, 2016

    This year’s ranking of Latin American public credit offices demonstrated an agile and sophisticated approach to particularly difficult circumstances for emerging markets borrowers. By Miluska Berrospi

  • NEWS PEOPLE: The fallout Mar 22, 2016

    Against a backdrop of historically low oil prices, Latin American oil and gas majors have changed up their leadership. By Miluska Berrospi

  • PARTING SHOT: Uncommon values Mar 22, 2016

    Low oil prices and trade with Brazil are among the places where highly indebted Caribbean countries are looking to improve their fortunes, according to William Warren Smith

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