• Mexico Expands IMF FCL Access Dec 15, 2010

    Mexico is replacing a $47bn 1-year...

  • Uruguay Growth to Slow, Says IMF Dec 15, 2010

    The IMF is projecting real GDP...

  • LatAm Exports Seen Growing 29% Dec 13, 2010

    The IDB forecasts that LatAm's exports...

    • Tariffs Hinder India/LatAm Investment Nov 18, 2010

      Tariffs between LatAm and India are...

    • Chile Tightens As Expected Nov 17, 2010

      As expected, Chile's central bank tightened...

    • Chile Seen Hiking Rate Nov 16, 2010

      Chile's central bank is expected to...

    • Jamaica Slashes Rates Nov 16, 2010

      The Bank of Jamaica cut its...

    • Honduras Gets Fiscal Reform Loan Nov 12, 2010

      Honduras will receive $45.8m from the...

    • Peru Leaves Rate Unchanged Nov 12, 2010

      Peru's central bank left its rate...

    • Goldman Expects Peru to Maintain Rate Nov 11, 2010

      Goldman Sachs expects Peru’s central bank...

    • Mexico Best For Doing Business: WBank Nov 9, 2010

      Mexico is the best place in...

    • Brazil Elections Seen Credit Neutral Nov 5, 2010

      Brazil’s election results are broadly credit...

    • Mexico Rates Seen Steady Until 2012 Nov 3, 2010

      RBC does not expect Banxico to...

    • Dilma Win Fails to Stir Brazil Markets Nov 2, 2010

      With the markets largely having anticipated...

    • China Latin America Links Proliferate Nov 1, 2010

      Cultural barriers remain, but the China-LatAm relationship is starting to blossom. Both sides hope to convert dialogue into more frequent large transactions.

    • Infrastructure Investment: The Big Shortfall Nov 1, 2010

      As LatAm stares down a growing list of infrastructure needs, builders and governments hope private lenders return. The only certainty is multilateral and state lending.

    • Southern Copper Strikes Back Nov 1, 2010

      Southern Copper faces stiff competition in Peru from new and expanding projects. But it is digging deep to keep on top as the country’s leading red metal producer.

    • Equity: Issuers Follow Petrobras Nov 1, 2010

      With Petrobras’ $70 billion capitalization out of the way, other LatAm equity issuers are cleared for takeoff.

    • M&A: Asia’s Resource Play Nov 1, 2010

      Mexican telecoms and Brazilian oil pump up the deal volume numbers claimed by advisors, but flow is still up year-on-year, even after stripping out distorting Telmex and Petrobras trades.

    • Brazilian Boutique Investment Banks Get Squeezed Nov 1, 2010

      The crop of boutiques that sprang up from the bulge bracket wreckage faces fresh competition. They will need relationships, international connections and a proper structure to survive.

    • The Bank of the Year Nov 1, 2010

      Brazil’s government-controlled lender is using a natural size advantage to pursue niches it does not already dominate. Careful international expansion is next for Banco do Brasil.

    • Best Bank - Mexico Nov 1, 2010

      Mexican retail banks are known for making customers pay through their noses.

    • Best Bank - El Salvador Nov 1, 2010

      El Salvador’s Banco Agrícola, part of Colombia’s Bancolombia since 2007, is expected to end this year with results that compare favorably with those obtained at the end of 2009, says Fitch, which has an AA+ (stable) local rating on the bank.

    • Best Bank - Costa Rica Nov 1, 2010

      State-controlled Banco de Costa Rica has gained market share through the financial crisis, growing the loan portfolio and expanding facilities.

    • Best Bank - Dominican Republic Nov 1, 2010

      Banco de Reservas has shrugged off macroeconomic weakness in the Dominican Republic caused by the global financial crisis and continues to grow.

    • Best Bank - Ecuador Nov 1, 2010

      Ecuador’s Banco Pichincha has been busy expanding within and beyond the country’s borders. At the same time, it has been able to keep its financial indicators in line with or better than that of the banking system as a whole.

    • Best Bank - Jamaica Nov 1, 2010

      Jamaica’s National Commercial Bank (NCB) has passed the test of a weak local economy and a sovereign debt restructuring relatively unscathed, as profitability and liquidity remain at acceptable levels.

    • Best Bank - Puerto Rico Nov 1, 2010

      Puerto Rico has been suffering a recession for more than four years. Several banks have collapsed, unemployment has soared and bankruptcies have increased.

    • Best Bank - Bolivia Nov 1, 2010

      Bolivia’s small size has meant its banks suffered few effects of the credit crisis in 2008 and 2009.

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