• A Time for Technology Dec 1, 2004

    The US and Asia are surging ahead in technological innovation. Pessimists claim Latin America will never catch up. Are they right?

  • Deals Dec 1, 2004

  • Future Prospects Dec 1, 2004

    Good government pays off. With Chile and Brazil as examples, tomorrow's hope is that the rest of the region will embrace responsible policies.

    • A Never-Ending Bond Nov 1, 2004

      Mexican oil producer Pemex gets $1.75 billion with a groundbreaking perpetual bond that draws mainly Asian investors.

    • Leading the Pack Nov 1, 2004

      Mexico's anemic banking industry is back in shape and ready to grow, possibly at surprising rates. One bank in particular is especially well positioned: BBVA Bancomer.

      • Brazil's Challenge Oct 4, 2004

        Brazil needs to invest more than $200 billion in infrastructure. The federal and state governments hope to achieve this through Public-Private Partnerships.

      • Brazil's Euro Comeback Oct 4, 2004

        Brazil returns to the European bond market for the first time in two and a half years and finds strong demand among Europe's growing pool of institutional investors.

      • Keeping the Power On Oct 4, 2004

        Will the lights go out in Latin America? Maybe not, but the prognosis at LatinFinance's roundtable on infrastructure finance in Brazil, wasn't hopeful.

      • On the Home Front Oct 4, 2004

        Sane macroeconomic policies and government planning have boosted real estate investment in Mexico. Other countries should follow its lead.

      • People Oct 4, 2004

      • Taking a Local Perspective Oct 4, 2004

        Research is becoming more focused on specific industries and domestic markets, a field led by research analysts at European and local firms.

        • A Playground for Multilaterals Sep 1, 2004

          Enlightened regulation has made Colombia's debt market a launch pad for innovative new structures from domestic and international issuers.

        • A Young Man with a Mission Sep 1, 2004

          Guillermo Babatz wants to revolutionize Mexico's mortgage industry and reshape the country's capital markets, too.

        • Bond Market Battle Sep 1, 2004

          Pointing to unused money in investors' portfolios and the unmet needs of smaller companies, Caribbean brokerage firms are gearing up to rival banks' bond business.

        • Davids and Goliaths Sep 1, 2004

          The Caribbean is becoming a battleground where small, but nimble local banks face off against powerful international competitors.

        • Deals Sep 1, 2004

        • Gas-Fired Development Sep 1, 2004

          Trinidad is using its oil and gas wealth wisely to build an advanced society. Will it be able to forge crucial international partnerships in time?

        • Hunting the Green Flash Sep 1, 2004

          Caribbean countries are looking for ways to fuel long-term growth. Will that prove as elusive as the legendary green flash at sunset?

        • It's Time to Rethink China Sep 1, 2004

          Latin America must come to terms with China's emergence as a global political and military power, instead of simply viewing it as a fabulous new export market for raw materials. by David Hale*

        • On Guard for Labor Sep 1, 2004

          Mario Gabriel Budebo's job at the head of Mexico's pension fund regulatory agency has him advocating for a single, but powerful, constituency: organized labor.

        • People Sep 1, 2004

        • Staying the Course Sep 1, 2004

          Mexico's director of public credit, responsible for managing the country's debt issuance, embodies Mexico's culture of continuity in economic policy.

        • The Stability Dividend Sep 1, 2004

          Vicente Fox promised radical reforms to restructure the economy - then failed to deliver. Despite political disarray, Mexico's financial system keeps growing.

        • Virtue is its Own Reward Sep 1, 2004

          Brazilian companies have realized that short-changing their shareholders can be counter-productive. Investors, market regulators and companies are beginning to stamp out abuse.

        • Wooing the Europeans Sep 1, 2004

          Wall Street is wary of Jamaica, but not its counterpart in Europe. Retail investors are snapping up Jamaica's bonds - and clamoring for more.

          • Making Banking Safer Jul 29, 2004

            Brazil's Central Bank has worked successfully with the country's private banks to build a new system to monitor lending across the financial markets.

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