• Running Out of Time Oct 5, 2003

    Colombia will soon become a net importer of oil unless it can attract more investment. International oil companies want the government to offer them a better deal.

  • The Mexican Banking Crisis Lives On Oct 5, 2003

    Eight years after the government's banking intervention, the Mexican public still lacks a full accounting of the costly decisions taken to stabilize the country's financial system.

  • The Next Paraguay Oct 5, 2003

    • Brazil Teases Out Bradys Sep 11, 2003

      A $1.33 billion debt exchange retired Brazil's expensive Brady bonds. But the deal miffed some investors who thought they would be able to cash in their benchmark C-bonds.

    • A Rocky Evolution Sep 10, 2003

      Brazil's telecom operators both big and small have clashed with regulators as the post-privatization landscape continues to evolve.

    • The Growth Challenge Sep 5, 2003

      Brazil has wallowed in an economic malaise for nearly 20 years. Lula's economic team must deliver a high-voltage shock to turn things around.

      • Cutting the Costs of Lending Aug 30, 2003

        Wildly expensive credit persists in Brazil. The country's banks need to lower their costs to narrow spreads and expand vitally needed lending.

      • Gil Díaz's Strong Hand Aug 30, 2003

        Mexico's finance secretary has firmly managed Mexico's accounts, even paying off the last of the country's Brady bonds. Economic stability and low inflation now are hallmarks of Latin America's biggest economy.

      • Keeping the Financial Markets Clean Aug 30, 2003

        Brazil has tightened control over financial transactions with a series of regulations that apply to a range of activities and market participants.

      • Looking for Leadership Aug 30, 2003

        President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has steered Brazil away from the brink of collapse. But jobs remain scarce, poverty is pervasive and investors are few.

      • Powering Up the Source Aug 30, 2003

        Ensuring that Brazilians have an adequate supply of electricity is one of the government's major challenges. But outside investment remains limited.

      • Putting Argentina Back Together. Aug 30, 2003

        Argentina is close to a three year agreement with the International Monetary Fund that would open the way for a deal with creditors owed $64 billion.What kind of deal should they expect?

      • Reassembling a Financial System Aug 30, 2003

        Uruguay's banking system crumbled after Argentines yanked their money out.The financial authorities are left with little to fix.

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