• Business & Banking Sep 1, 2002

  • No Small Tasks Lie Ahead Sep 1, 2002

    Roberto Junguito, Colombia's new finance minister, has his work cut out for him. He must deal with the country's budget deficit, wage fiscal war on the guerillas and grow the economy.

  • Politics Torpedoes Growth Sep 1, 2002

    A casualty of the politics surrounding Alejandro Toledo's first year as president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski succeeded in growing Peru's economy, sealing a deal with the IMF and issuing a historic international bond. But the public failed to embrace his free market ideas.

  • Presidential Promises Falter Sep 1, 2002

    President Vicente Fox has been unable to overcome the political obstacles to many of his vaunted reform plans. Still,Mexico has largely avoided South America's malaise and remains a regional economic powerhouse.

  • Prudence as a National Consensus Sep 1, 2002

    Despite the financial turmoil spreading across South America, Chile remains an isalnd in the storm. The country has pragmatism inits blood and its finance minister, Nicolás Eyzaguirre, has maintained rigid control over national spending. His former counterpart in Peru (see "Politics Torpedoes Growth") has had less success.

  • Resource Rich, Politically Feeble Sep 1, 2002

    Trinidad and Tobago has more money than it knows what to do with. A debilitating political deadlock is making dealing with this abundant liquidity an even greater problem.

  • Sovereign Profile Sep 1, 2002

  • The Foreigners Take Over Sep 1, 2002

    Nearly all Mexico's banks are foreign-owned now, and the financial system is fully recovered from the financial crash of 1995. But lending remains feebele in a country desperately in need of credit.

  • The Fund's Financial Folly Sep 1, 2002

  • Too Tantalizing to Refuse Sep 1, 2002

    Argentina's financial crisis has yielded fine pickings for predatory companies. In July, Brazil's Petrobras snatched up the beleaguered Pérez Companc but the deal significantly raised its risk profile.

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