The Dominican Republic plots cross-border bond issue

The Dominican Republic plots cross-border bond issue

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The Dominican Republic is expected to return to the cross-border bond market again this year and get a jump on its 2018 funding needs, according to fixed income investors who are keen to see more from the Caribbean island.

The sovereign's debt is in high demand due to the Dominican Republic's projected high levels of economic growth and its lowering current account deficit, investors told LatinFinance.

Rated B1/BB-/BB-, the Dominican Republic's credit ratings do not seemingly reflect its quality as an issuer, a bond buyer said, giving investors a higher chance of snatching up more yield on new issue day.

The Dominican Republic came to the cross-border market in January with a 5.95% $1.2bn 2027 bond led by JPMorgan, while local bank BanReservas joined as co-manager.