Fund managers steer through debt markets

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After a year of good returns, bond investors in Latin America face increasing volatility — again. Elections and higher interest rates loom, keeping debt fund managers on ...

CAF provides mid-week jolt with five-year euro note

Capital Markets Bonds Venezuela

Regional bank shakes off ECB announcement and bund sell-off to raise $589m worth of bonds

Currency portability is key for Latin American financial integration, says B3’s Belchior

Capital Markets Regions Argentina

Markets must bridge the foreign exchange gap to create financial exchange integration and attract more investment to the region

Venezuela pens PDVSA obligation

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

State-owned oil company starts process over a $107m payment on its 2020 bonds

Venezuela makes payment on hunger bond

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

Oil exporter pens $90m agreement, buoys talk on upcoming PDVSA debt, sources

Moody's downgrades PDVSA

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Debt Venezuela

Venezuela's energy company brought down three notches to C, following last week's sovereign downgrade

A global perspective on Latin America: BlackRock’s Axel Christensen

Bonds Debt Capital Markets

As political uncertainty grips the region, with upcoming elections in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, BlackRock's chief investment strategist for Latin America argues for ca...

Moody's downgrades Venezuela

Debt Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Venezuela

Oil exporting sovereign issuer cut to C from Caa3 because of eroding finances and potential losses to bondholders

Venezuela bonds rally on repayment talk

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Oil-exporter's securities up two points on report that Euroclear received a payment, sources

Venezuela unveils second cryptocurrency

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Venezuela

Oil-exporter plans Petro Gold, a metal-backed initiative, just days after launching Petro

CAF shrugs off jitters to extend euro curve

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LatAm development bank finishes its largest-ever bond sale in Europe, prints more than a $1bn in 2025s

Bondholders brace for Venezuelan default

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Venezuela is edging closer to default on its foreign debt as vulture funds snap up the country’s bonds and push an acceleration clause for missed coupon payments

Fitch downgrades Citgo

Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Venezuela

Venezuela's contagion effect forces rating agency to cut the state's US-based service station provider to CCC from B-

Investors snub Venezuela "Petro" talk

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President Maduro plots cryptocurrency instrument to combat US sanctions, but bond buyers say it will have little impact on the country's hyperinflation

CAF revisits Kangaroo market with 2027 top-up

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Regional development bank returns to the Aussie dollar market for a $57m reopening