Special Reports

China shapes stronger trade ties with Latin America

Argentina Brazil Chile

Following the end of the commodities boom, China and Latin America are forging bonds in a range of new industries

Chinese investors go big in Latin American energy

Project & Infrastructure Finance Brazil China

Some of China’s biggest power companies are starting to look beyond acquisitions to greenfield projects in the region

LatAm institutional investors look for an opening in China's stock markets

Argentina Chile Colombia

Latin American investment teams are tracking the changes in China’s markets, with many welcoming the expansion of options

LatAm infra markets struggle to shake off corruption

Project & Infrastructure Finance Argentina Brazil

Project finance in Latin America is having another tough year as the effects of the Odebrecht bribery scandal rattle the region. Now political uncertainty in major econom...

Latin America tests anti-corruption measures

Project & Infrastructure Finance Brazil Colombia

In the wake of the Odebrecht bribery scandal, governments across the region are overhauling the way they award and oversee new projects

Project bonds try to find footing

Project & Infrastructure Finance Argentina Brazil

A few bond issues have been used to finance greenfield infrastructure projects in Latin America, but institutional investors are still wary of construction risk

Argentina pushes lithium investments

Argentina Chile Bolivia

Argentina is courting junior miners and global investors as it aims to supply half of global lithium demand

How Latam Airlines is finding a new route to profits

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Brazil Chile

Latam Airlines has sat on the tarmac since the company was created in 2012. But its financials are starting to look better

Latin America's green bond markets set for expansion

Brazil Colombia Mexico

Colombian issuers are joining the green bond club, as the market for socially-sound investment products looks set to grow

Financiers wary of Argentina's renewable energy push

Argentina M&A Project & Infrastructure Finance

While Argentina ushers in renewable energy investments, the market is still ironing out the financing issues

How Brazil's project finance market is set for a radical overhaul

Brazil Bonds M&A

As Brazil's BNDES cuts funding, the renewable energy industry is rethinking the way it finances projects

Knossos' bold Venezuela bet

Venezuela Funds Special Reports

As Venezuela grapples with low oil prices, economic obligations and political chaos, one hedge fund has bet with the government—until now

Canada’s pension plans could give Latin American infrastructure a much-needed lift

Argentina Colombia Mexico

As infrastructure developers in Latin America look at more sources for long-term financing, Canada’s big pension plans could step in when banks are not willing to lend

Odebrecht’s bribery scandal casts a shadow over Latin America

Brazil Peru Loans

The shock waves are not just hitting Odebrecht and its partners but also infrastructure and project finance markets across the region

A tough time accessing credit is holding back most Latin small businesses

Brazil Colombia Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Big businesses are the exception in Latin America. Yet they still gobble up most of the available corporate credit. Across the region, governments are looking at ways to ...

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