Selection process: LatinFinance Deals of the Year 2013


The following lists highlight the main criteria to be used in judging LatinFinance’s 2013 Deals of the Year awards. For all categories, we consider transactions that have closed between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

Categories 1 and 2 will be judged on:
> Extent of participation in the bond, loan and equity markets over the year, including the volume and diversity of deals
> Sophistication of issuance strategy, including innovation and foresight
> Structural aspects of transactions, success of issuances, and geographical reach of deals

Categories 3 to 10 will be judged on:
> Overall strategy, volume and diversity of transactions
> Innovation and foresight
> Execution quality and success of transactions worked on
> Role in particularly complex, innovative, or large deals over the year
> Quantity of transactions worked on over the year, and compared to previous years

Categories 11 to 27 will be judged on:
> Market significance, strategic importance, and groundbreaking qualities
> Structural aspects of the transaction, including complexity, innovation and size - Execution, including price and demand achieved compared to other references in the market and with regard to conditions at the time
> Secondary market performance, and reception by peers and investors
> Geographical reach, where relevant


Market participants are invited to pitch for the awards. Each institution may submit one nomination in each category. Further details regarding the pitching process can be requested by email
 will accept written pitches until Friday, October 4, 2013. LatinFinance editorial staff will be available for award pitch meetings and conference calls between September 23 and October 19.

Examination of data
LatinFinance will review official data for each of the transactions and institutions pitched, and others the selection team believes merit consideration. Data and information reviewed includes pitch documents and comments from meetings, Dealogic data, recommendations from clients and LatinFinance reporting.

Editorial evaluation
LatinFinance’s editorial team retains discretion over the final allocation of awards in each category. The final decision will be based on information supplied in pitch documents and meetings or calls, research of financial data and analysis, interviews, and our knowledge of markets and activity over the course of the past 12 months.

See winners and coverage here:

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