Deal Pipeline

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Grupo Alfa
Columbus International TBD
Brazil TBD
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Oi BRL5bn-BRL6bn FO
Sanepar (Co de Saneamento do Paraná) TBD FO
Issuer Size (m) Type
CMP $350 Revolving credit
Primax $275 Term loan
Global Bank $100
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Deal Database

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Vale BRL1bn 2020/22/24/29
Minsur $400m 2024
Comcel $800m 2024
Petrobras EUR800m 2025
Petrobras GBP600 2034
Hochschild $350 2021 NC18
Oro Negro $725m 2019
Petrobras EUR750m 2021
Bahamas $300m 2024
Petrobras EUR1.5bn 2018
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Bancolombia COP2.66tn FO
GeoPark $100.1 IPO
Banco de Chile CLP448.9 FO
Latam Airlines 156 FO
Latam Airlines 784 FO
B Bogota COP1,300,000 FO
Via Varejo BRL2,850 FO
Actinver MXP690 FO
Avianca $408 FO
Issuer Size (m) Type
Usina de Acucar Santa Terezinha $180 Pre-export
Ingenio Magdalena $100 Pre-Export
PMI $700 Rev
Gerdau $1,500 Rev
Pemex $1,250 Rev
Mabe $120 Term
Tenadora Nemak $465 Term loan
Ternium $800 Term loan
Hochschild $340 Aq bridge
Pacific Rubiales $1,300 Aq bridge
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League Tables

View: Debt Equity M&A Fees

Bank Value (m) Deals
Citi 19,624 119
HSBC 16,319 88
Deutsche Bank 13,456 53
Bank Value (m) Deals
Itau 3,664 23
Credit Suisse 3,378 25
BTG Pactual 3,335 28
Advisor Value (m) Deals
Credit Suisse 30,391 37
BTG Pactual 30,017 46
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 27,692 19
Bank Revenue (m) Share (%)
Credit Suisse 173 8.90
Citi 154 7.90
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 138 7.10
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