Deal Pipeline

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Gerdau BRL1bn 2024
Daimler Mexico MXN1bn 2016
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Terrafina MXN8.23bn Follow-on
Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe MXN949m IPO
Fibra Macquarie Follow-on
Issuer Size (m) Type
Pemex MXN26bn
Petroperu $500m Term
Braskem $600m RCF
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Deal Database

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Alusa Engenharia BRL400m 2017
Locamerica BRL230m 2020
Gester Participacoes BRL350m 2015
Aguas Andinas UF2.3m 2037
CAF $1bn 2017
Findeter $500m equiv 2024
Paraguay $1bn 2044
Ferreira Gomes BRL210.9m 2027
Grupo Herradura Occidente MXN1.425bn 2029
Quiñenco UF2.375m 2035
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Globant $58.5m SEC
Pinfra MXN8.57bn FO
MercadoLibre $300m ConvertibleBond
Alsea MXN6bn FO
Fibra Uno MXN32.8bn FO
Fibra Prologis MXP6.9bn IPO
AES Gener CLP84.3bn FO
Oi - Preference shares BRL10.5bn FO
Oi - Common shares BRL4.8bn FO
Bancolombia COP2.66tn FO
Issuer Size (m) Type
Cerro Verde $1.8bn Term loan
CMP $350 RCF
Grupo Mexico $275m Term loan
Petrobras $500m Guaranteed loan
Davivienda $172.5m
Endesa Chile $200m RCF
Corpbanca $200m extension Term extension
Itau $480m Term
Gol $68m Priv
Itau $1.7bn Term loan
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League Tables

View: Debt Equity M&A Fees

Bank Value (m) Deals
Citi 10,100 39
HSBC 9,822 35
JPMorgan 7,745 27
Bank Value (m) Deals
Credit Suisse 1,494 10
Grupo Aval 1,228 1
Bancolombia 1,085 1
Advisor Value (m) Deals
Goldman Sachs 18,992 12
BofA-Merrill Lynch 16,372 11
Citi 16,342 8
Bank Revenue (m) Share (%)
Citi 82 10.20
Credit Suisse 74 9.20
Itaú 60 7.50
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