Highlights from the Quarter Century

LatinFinance has been the leading source of intelligence on Latin America's financial and economic developments over the past 25 years. Here are a few highlights from our archives.


End of an era
The C-bond – a LatAm market benchmark since it was created with Brazil's Brady bond exchange – disappears when the sovereign launches an exchange into the A-bond (Sep-05)

The man who saved Brazil
Central bank governor Armínio Fraga says he is cautiously optimistic about Brazil after president Fernando Henrique Cardoso leaves office, but says the wind is still against the country (Mar-02)

“We have to break this chain… Oil had destroyed Venezuela”
Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez tells LatinFinance he wants to break the country’s oil dependency (Sep-01)

The Shock of the New
Amid the dotcom boom, LatinFinance wrote that the internet was "threatening to sweep away" the traditional ways of banking: "It promises to change forever the way companies raise capital, the way investment banks work and how capital markets operate." (May-00)

Chipping Away at the Debt Mountain
Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa won a decisive victory in November 1999. But he had to contend with an $18 billion financing need the following year (Dec 1999)

Retiring the Bradys
Brazil joins a growing trend to swap out of Brady bonds, offering investors more liquid – but still high-yielding – paper (Nov-99)

A 1998 scandal surrounding Brazil's National Development Bank made some wonder whether it could still successfully lead Brazil's privatization process (Mar 1999)

Wooing Wall Street
Investors view Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez with less skepticism when he has toned down his populist rhetoric. But a viable economic plan is needed before he can start wooing Wall Street (Feb 1999)

“We were leaning on some parked cars, and I told them a story about wheelbarrows”
Nicholas Brady, architect of the plan that would lift Latin sovereigns out of their “lost decade”, recalls the details of hammering out the programs – and how he got Carlos Salinas to agree (Jul-98)

Learning from crisis
Ricardo Salinas, head of Grupo Elektra, explains the effects of the Lost Decade on corporate financing (Jul-98)

“Right in front of me he fired his finance minister”
Charles H Dallara of the Institute for International Finance, tells LatinFinance about his experiences in tense sovereign debt negotiations (Jul-98)

Changing banking
Roberto Setúbal, president of then-Banco Itaú, speaks to LatinFinance about the changes in Brazil’s banking system, and the country’s attempts to beat inflation (Jul-98)

“Why can’t you collect prices and stick them on a screen?”
Martin Quintin-Archard, founder of the Emerging Market Bond and Asset Trading Company, explains how screen-based debt trading began (Jul-98)

Making investment grade
Enrique García, chairman of the CAF, discusses the difficulties involved in reaching an investment grade rating (Jul-98)

“I designed the whole strategy of how we would announce the default of the debt”
Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas sets out the details of the country’s Brady bond negotiations – and its determination to walk away from the deal if the conditions were not right (Jul-98)

Privatizing banks
Former Bank of Mexico governor Guillermo Ortiz discusses the privatization of the country’s banking system and the causes of the Tequila crisis (Jul-98)

“A lot of trial and error”
Eurinam chairman Martin Schubert describes the early days of setting prices as he traded distressed Latin sovereign debt

The Debt Roulette
Asia's crisis shocked investors and drove liquidity out of the market and volatility through the roof. Will Latin American debtors be able to refinance or repay their maturing obligations in 1998? (Jan 1998)

Hungry No More
CEI Citicorp Holdings' Handley still hooking hard in tough scrums. (Dec 1997)

Man of the Year: On the Brink
Larry Summers, former deputy secretary of the US Treasury, was a key architect of the $50 billion rescue package that saved the Mexican economy. Summers' role in the saga earned him LatinFinance's 1996 Man of the Year title (Mar-96)

“I am a very unpredictable man”
Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori discusses what made him go into politics, and the country’s economic recovery (Jul-98)

Man of the Year: Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Rising US interest rates, plunging global bond markets and regional difficulties in countries such as Mexico and Venezuela put a tight clamp on capital flows to the region (May 1995)

Easing the Crunch
Astronomical domestic interest rates and severely restricted capital inflows pointed to a serious recession in 1995, with effects to be felt throughout the Mexican economy (Mar 1995)

Fujimori on Peru
Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has answers questions concerning the country's capital markets (Apr 1993)

Betting on Collor
The events leading up to the President's ouster had varied impacts on Brazilian markets and debt (Dec 1992)

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