• Feast of the Vultures Dec 8, 2003

    Two investment firms are suing Nicaragua for full repayment of defaulted debt from the 1980s. The outcome could establish precedents with far-reaching repercussions.

  • What CACs Lack Dec 8, 2003

    Heralded as a breakthrough in the sovereign debt restructuring debate, agreements between debtors and creditors still need fine-tuning.

    • Small But Strong Nov 7, 2003

    • Twin Survivors Nov 7, 2003

      • A Chance at Redemption Aug 30, 2003

        Uruguay was able to avoid default earlier this year, but whether it simply prolonged the inevitable or truly preserved its good name remain to be seen.

      • Courting Chapter 11 Aug 1, 2003

        Troubled Latin American companies increasingly are seeking to reorganize their finances under United States bankruptcy regulations. They provide more control and greater certainty for many companies than their home country's insolvency laws.

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