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Westin Beijing Chaoyang


7 North Dongsanhuan Road
Chaoyang District


The 6th Latin America China Investors Forum

Sep 11, 2014 to Sep 12, 2014 | Westin Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing, China

LA-CIF is the leading event connecting Latin America and China. Through an invitation-only, in-depth conference and 1-1 meetings it enables Latin American companies, issuers and fund managers to present their investment opportunities to China’s liquid and actively diversifying direct and indirect... More


Sep 11, 2014 to Sep 12, 2014 | 朝阳威斯汀酒店, 北京, 中國

LA-CIF是拉丁美洲与中国投资者建立联系的地方,去年会议中超过320个投资者进行了1对1洽谈 More

The 3rd Latin America Korea Investment Summit

Sep 16, 2014 | Westin Chosun, Seoul, South Korea

LA-KIS will examine the rapidly evolving LatAm-Korea investment relationship, the pace & direction of recent investment, and the opportunities available for investors from Korea looking to invest in Latin American assets. More

The 8th Andean Finance & Investment Forum

Sep 17, 2014 to Sep 18, 2014 | Hotel Intercontinental, Medellín, Colombia

The only event bringing together the Andean region’s most innovative corporate issuers, the growth companies, local and international investors, regulators and banker for two comprehensive days of technical corporate finance workshops and private 1-1 meetings. More

The 7th Infrastructure & Sub-Sovereign Finance in Mexico Summit

Sep 25, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014 | Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Estado de Jalisco, Mexico

The only annual gathering of senior public-sector officials, financiers, sponsors and investors from across Mexico’s State and municipalities. This event addresses and defines the needs and practical solutions to their financing needs with specific reference to infrastructure finance and how local... More

La 7ª Cumbre de Infraestructura y Finanzas Sub-Nacionales en México

Sep 25, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014 | Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Estado de Jalisco, Mexico

La reunion líder de oficiales del sector público, financieros, patrocinadores e inversionistas de los estados y municipios de México. Este evento enfrenta y define las necesidades y las soluciones prácticas con respecto al financiamiento de la infraestructura y cómo/dónde los inversionistas pueden... More


The 5th Latin America China Investors Forum

Sep 10 - 11, 2013 | Westin Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Simultaneous English-Chinese translation available

A relationship built on Chinese demand for Latin American natural resources has evolved into a more intricate bond involving RMB denominated debt securities, currency swaps, critical infrastructure investments and strategic M&A deals. These and other factors have positioned the Latin America-China investment relationship as a vital component of the global economy for years to come.



Regularly drawing over 500 participants, The 5th Latin America China Investors Forum (LA-CIF) is the premier platform for Latin American corporates, government officials, fund managers, financiers and advisors to meet with their Chinese peers to discover new opportunities, and begin the process towards deals, investments and sustainable business relationships. Two days of comprehensive panels and informative presentations will be complimented by private and pre-arranged 1-1 meetings at the Forum.

With over 320 1-1 investor meetings last year, LA-CIF is where Latin America connects with Chinese investors.

Confirmed participants include:
> Jianjun Wang, Deputy Director General – Foreign Investment Department, NDRC
> Zhu Hongjie, Vice President, China Eximbank
> Tang Maoheng, Chief Product Specialist, Corporate Banking Dept., Bank of China
> Juming Liu, Deputy Head of Overseas Investment, CITIC-Prudential Fund Management
> Daozhen Jiang, Deputy General Manager, China Development Bank
> Qiang Zhang, Deputy CEO, Bosera Asset Management
> Zhu Lin, Vice President – Department 5, China CAMCE Engineering Company Ltd.
> Yu Wen, Assistant General Manager - Corporate Business Dept., China Eximbank
> Zhang Qingyan, Chief Representative in Brazil, China General Technology Group
> Amy Zhang, CEO, Sky Solar
> Cheng Zeyu, Deputy General Manager, Risk Management Dept., China Eximbank

> Alexandre Tourinho, CFO, Construtora OAS
> Rolando Galindo Galvez, Head of Investor Relations, Pemex
> Roland Holst, Interim President & Board Member, Central Bank of Paraguay
> Miguel Sergio Siliceo Valdespino, CFO, Bancomext
> Bernardo Alfaro Araya, Deputy General Manager, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
> Jean Marc Aboussouan, Division Chief – Infrastructure, IDB
> Charles de Sirovy, Head of Corporate Finance, IR and Treasury. Neoenergia
> Milson Mundim, CFO, Georadar
> Gerardo Salazar, CEO, Banco Interacciones
> Francisco N. González Díaz, CEO, ProMéxico
> Mário Luiz Lorencatto, CFO, Paranapanema
> Gustavo Adolfo Eglez, Undersecretary of Finance, City of Buenos Aires

Invitation Guidelines
Free registration for qualified corporate issuers, institutional investors and government officials by invitation only. Numbers are strictly limited. Request your invite now to reserve your place and participate in two days of informative presentations, panel discussions and private 1-1 meetings.

All others are welcome to attend for a fee.

1-1 Meetings
The LatinFinance 1-1 Meeting Planner will be available for your use in the 3 weeks prior to the Forum. You can submit a delegate profile to share with all confirmed delegates, and you can see who else is registered to attend. Upon completion of your delegate profile on the Meeting Planner, you will be able to request meetings with the other delegates.

For assistance registering and to apply for press credentials, please contact Kalel Dias at, +1.305.428.6280

For sponsorship rates and opportunities, please contact Teresa Aguilar at, +

For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Theodore Ward at, +







> Santiago Leon, Minister of Production, Employment & Competitiveness, Ecuador 
> Rolando Galindo, IRO, PEMEX 
> Barclay Hamrbooke, CEO, Americas Petrogas 
> Gerardo Salazar, CEO, Banco Interacciones 
> Milson Mundim, CFO, Verde Potash 
> Jorge Hernandez, Chairman, Continental Towers 
> Adriana Mierelles, IRO, Construtora Noberto Odebrecht 
> Richard Frank, CEO, Darby Overseas Investment 

> Liu Xia, Head of Overseas Investment Department, NDRC 
> Dajiang Liu, Director General – Department of American & Oceanic Affairs, MOFCOM 
> Yunzhi Li, Head of Americas – Int'l Cooperation Dept, China Development Bank 
> Carmen Ng, SVP & Portfolio Manager, China Investment Corporation 
> Qingsheng Hu, CFO, Cherry Automobile 
> Yongle Xu, Portfolio Manager, China Great Wall Asset Management 
> Zhang Ju, Chief of Division – Corporate Banking, The Export Import Bank of China 
> Xueqin Zhou, Division Head – South America Region, Sinohydro 

收到邀请的合格的公司发行人,机构投资者和政府官员可以免费注册。人数是严格限制的。预定您的位置,并且参加两天的informative presentations,小组讨论和私下的11洽谈会。



若在注册过程中需要协助,或要申请记者证,请联系Kalel Dias,请发送邮箱到, 或致电+1.305.428.6280

若要寻求赞助机会,请联系Teresa Aguilar,请发送邮件到,或致电+

欲咨询有关发言机会的信息,请联系Theodore Ward,请发送邮件到,或致电+

Una relación edificada sobre la demanda China por los recursos naturales Latinoamericanos ha evolucionado en un vinculo más complejo, involucrando a títulos de deuda denominados en RMB, el intercambio de divisas, la inversión en infraestructura, y movidas estratégicas en M&A. Estos y otros factores han posicionado a la relación entre China y America Latina como un componente vital en la economía global.

Regularmente contando con más de 500 participantes, el 5to Latin America China Investors Forum (LA-CIF) es la plataforma eminente para representantes de corporaciones Latinoamericanas, oficiales gubernamentales, gestores de fondos, financistas y asesores/consultores para relacionarse con sus similares Chinos para descubrir nuevas oportunidades de inversión en Latinoamérica, iniciar el proceso hacia nuevos negocios, inversiones y relaciones comerciales sostenibles. Dos días de panales de discusiones y mesas redondas serán complementados por reuniones privadas entre delegados que pueden ser pre-arregladas con ayuda de nuestro 1-1 Meeting Planner.

Con más de 320 reuniones 1-1 entre delegados en la edición anterior, LA-CIF es donde la comunidad de negocios de America Latina se relaciona con Inversores Chinos.

Política de Asistencia:

Registración gratuita ofrecida para emisores corporativos calificados, inversionistas institucionales y oficiales gubernamentales, sujeta a una invitación por parte de LatinFinance. Cupos sumamente limitados. Reserve su lugar y participe en ambos días de presentaciones, mesas redondas y reuniones privadas 1-1.

Otras persona interesadas en participar deben pagar el costo de inscripción para poder atender.
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