• Brazil Glows, But Can it Grow? Dec 8, 2003

    The country has regained the confidence of investors and but Brazil still faces considerable challenges that the markets have ignored for too long.

  • Fighting the Good Fight Dec 8, 2003

    Brazil’s trade and industry minister has been in the job barely a year and already has something to show for his time in government. But Luiz Furlan still has much to do before the country emerges as a major trading nation.

  • Off to a Good Start Dec 8, 2003

    Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has achieved a lot in his first year in office. His reform agenda next year promises to be as challenging as it has been in 2003.

  • Rising From the Ashes Dec 8, 2003

    Money is moving into Latin American technology ventures in Brazil. But entrepreneurs and their backers still face considerable odds.

  • Second Tier Success Dec 8, 2003

    Brazil’s Banco Bradesco locked in its lowest rate ever in a subordinated debt issue. More banks are lining up to follow Bradesco into a market hungry for Brazilian risk.

  • The Lure of the Orient Dec 8, 2003

    China has become one of Brazil’s biggest trading partners, driven by its voracious demand for commodities. Bankers are benefiting.

    • Ahead of the Pack Nov 7, 2003

      Under the command of Roberto Setúbal, Brazil's Banco Itaú has moved into a league of its own. Itaú is the most profitable and most valuable bank in Latin America.

    • Back in the Game Nov 7, 2003

    • Brazil 2003: A New Future Nov 7, 2003

      LatinFinance's inaugural Brazil Conference, held in September in Rio de Janeiro, attracted a star-studded cast of speakers from academia, the private sector and the federal government.

    • Deals Nov 7, 2003

    • Still Standing Proud Nov 7, 2003

      • People Oct 5, 2003

        • Brazil Teases Out Bradys Sep 11, 2003

          A $1.33 billion debt exchange retired Brazil's expensive Brady bonds. But the deal miffed some investors who thought they would be able to cash in their benchmark C-bonds.

        • A Rocky Evolution Sep 10, 2003

          Brazil's telecom operators both big and small have clashed with regulators as the post-privatization landscape continues to evolve.

        • The Growth Challenge Sep 5, 2003

          Brazil has wallowed in an economic malaise for nearly 20 years. Lula's economic team must deliver a high-voltage shock to turn things around.

          • Cutting the Costs of Lending Aug 30, 2003

            Wildly expensive credit persists in Brazil. The country's banks need to lower their costs to narrow spreads and expand vitally needed lending.

          • Keeping the Financial Markets Clean Aug 30, 2003

            Brazil has tightened control over financial transactions with a series of regulations that apply to a range of activities and market participants.

          • Looking for Leadership Aug 30, 2003

            President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has steered Brazil away from the brink of collapse. But jobs remain scarce, poverty is pervasive and investors are few.

          • Powering Up the Source Aug 30, 2003

            Ensuring that Brazilians have an adequate supply of electricity is one of the government's major challenges. But outside investment remains limited.

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