• Playing for High Stakes Dec 1, 2002

    Argentina's financial crisis has affected the region's markets far more deeply than many expected. It has changed the way investors and banks approach risk in Latin America.

    • Business & Banking Nov 1, 2002

    • People Nov 1, 2002

      • Argentina's Broken Bonds Oct 1, 2002

        Italian retail investor's love affair with Argentine bonds ended abruptly when the sovereign left its creditors in the lurch. Angry Italians want someone to compensate them for their losses.

      • Cordoning Off Political Risk Oct 1, 2002

        After jumping through legal hoops, the Argentine oil company Tecpetrol successfully restructured $230 million in bank loans. Securitized revenues made the new debt palatable to creditors and the government.

      • Holding On, But Barely Oct 1, 2002

        So far, Uruguay has fended off a collapse of its banking system, which has been rocked by fallout from Argentina's financial crisis. Despite a $3.8 billion multilateral aid package,the outlook remains grim.

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